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It goes without saying that the first readers for your book are your close friends, and when they give such a heart warming response, it is enough to make you smile for the rest of your life. Ethereal: The Dawn of the Blue has received three beautifully written reviews so far on Goodreads and one extra on Amazon, which I don’t know who gave, but whoever you are, please know that I appreciate it so much.

I’d love to share those reviews today:

(Readers of Ethereal would know why I chose purple for the hearts in my featured image 😉 )

The first one came from Neerja Di, who is the wonderful writer of Ametalk (I love the snowfall she’s set up on her page) on WordPress. She was the first person to read it once it was published, and, much to my astonishment, it took only a day for her. While she entertained me in between by texting about the book’s progress, she blew my mind with a call the next day, by elaborating on everything she loved about the story level by level.

This is the review she gave on Goodreads as well as Amazon:

After a long, time I read a book in one go 🙂 The story revolves around a girl named Nashira living in Dorset county in, UK,who finds her true self on her sweet sixteen birthday. The truth is very strange for her to believe yet there is no other choice, so she accepts it and move away from her mother and home for a new and adventurous journey. This was certainly an amazing read with lot of surprising elements 🙂 The story leaves a lasting impression on you and you crave for more as the author leaves some open questions for you to think 🙂 and you will certainly like to await the next installment of this series which is due in next six months 🙂 The author has profound command over the language and the magic she has woven with her creativity is beautiful 🙂 Certainly a must read for all those who love out of the box thinking 🙂

Thank you so much, Neerja Di! ❤


The second one came from Kavya Janani, author of 21 Pearls as well as the enthusiastic writer and book reviewer of Musings Lounge. She texted me during her reading progress as well and stunned me with a beautiful review the moment she finished:

Yeah! The wait is finally over. The first book of my bestie Deepika Kumaaraguru’s ‘Ethereal series’ is out! And I ordered it on the very first day, though I couldn’t start reading it right away. But, as soon as this gem was in my hands, I couldn’t put it down. Even though there were other commitments, I made sure that I stole some time to curl up with this book. Much like J.K.Rowling’s Wizarding School Hogwarts, Deepika creates a resplendent, powerful, and a serene world – Saturna. I just loved this world, where everything was so mystical. Or rather Deepika made it look mystical with her honey-dipping words. I really loved the way she built the story. The riveting narration during which Nashira Jaynes discovers that she is a shape-shifting unicorn and moves to Saturna is sure to pique every reader’s interest and captivate them. The scenes between Nashira and her mom were utterly emotional. Sureshot tear-jerkers they were. Speaking of Nashira, first of all, I loved her name. And then I loved her entire personality. Shy, yet brave. Introvert, yet socializes well (especially in the mind-blowing friendship scenes in Saturna). Actually, Nashira Jaynes reminded of Harry Potter a lot. In fact, the whole story reminded me of J.K.Rowling’s magical world. I even pinged Deepika when I found similarities with the Potter world and had a good laugh over it. Crazy Potterheads! 😀

The next lovable character is Sandra DeLinde, Nashira’s best friend in Stalmare academy in Saturna. I just cherished the friendship between these two. And the other characters -Lady Jolenne, the Patrorantes’, Janis, Jared, Ryan, and Silvia were also awesomely characterized. Each and every character had depth in them and I could connect with them. Another aspect I loved about the story was the suspense which ran undercurrent along with the main plot. Though the tremendous twist was predicted by me beforehand (that’s a bad habit of mine. I predict twists and the kaboom factor would lose its sheen. My bad. 😦 ), I could still feel the thrill. The pre-climax and climax had some nail-biting moments, which would surely leave you at the edge of your seats. And, I should mention this, Deepika has come up with some clever names for the characters, for the objects used in Saturna, for the subjects taught in Stalmare Academy, and for almost everything in the world. The names and the vivid descriptions are which set this world apart from Earth.

I am eagerly waiting for the sequel! 🙂 I just want more and more of Saturna. I want to evolve with Nashira and her friends. I want to spend more time with the elements of nature. I want to learn the quirky subjects taught in Stalmare Academy. I wish Deepika to speed up her editing and revising process (she has already finished writing the second part), so that I can grab the sequel the first thing. I can say there is another J.K.Rowling in the making. But this time you get to read a story from a powerful heroine’s point of view. A magical story that is more feminine! ❤ ❤

Love you, Kavya! ❤


The third one came from my sister alike, Priya Darshni, who’s been a strong support for this book for a long time and who herself is an incredible writer in progress of writing her debut novel, which I’m really excited about. She made her entry into the blogging world a few months ago – Life. Dreams. Hopes and Happiness – and the wonders of her pen have weaved magic on there.

This is her review:

Finally! I’ve finished! And I’ve absolutely loved it!

This book is the baby of my bestie, but, I’ll hope to do an unbiased review here.

The magical world of Saturna has been thrust upon unsuspecting teenager Nashira Jaynes. She takes up this incredible journey at the Stalmare Academy, training to be an Unicorn blessed with powers to control nature. Several questions remain unanswered to her, but she finds a world were people accept her flaws and love her for herself. These surprises excite and motivate our heroine to fall hard for her new world. When placed in peril, she finds herself moved enough to defend her precious society.

The narration in Nashira’s perspective is beautiful and endearing to the reader. I have loved the author’s pen in describing Saturna and its endless wonders. As I constantly keep telling her, I can’t wait for a movie to come out of this script!

You rock, PPD! ❤


The anonymous one on Amazon wrote:

such a good story…..happie 2 read dis book

Thank you to you too!


Thank you so much, guys, these reviews mean a lot to me.

If you’re interested in reading the first chapter of Ethereal: The Dawn of the Blueplease click here.





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  1. NJ says:

    Aww dear ❤ I can understand how important it is to get the feedback for the book in which you have put your heart and soul 🙂 I am so happy that some anonymous readers are leaving comments on it 🙂 I am so honored
    for all the love you have showered on me ❤ You are book is really a good book, it deserves to be mentioned in all reading channels 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Neerja Di! ❤ The review you gave really warmed my heart and it was a great source of encouragement, you know ❤ Love you for everything! ❤ XOXO ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. NJ says:

        Its always my pleasure darling ❤ love you to moon and back ❤

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  2. Wow!!! the reviews are sooo lovely and beautiful and i am very happy to read this too…..Quite interesting. My dear sweetie you are so lucky to have such a lovable friends with you, to support in every situation and motivate in all time.Moreover, bae this is not only review by simple words to explicit means its was REWARD for you my dear darling!!!!. So this kind of people like Neerja, Kavya ,and Priya Dharshini they will definitely arouse you to touch high peaks in your life plus they are strong pillars for persuade to reach great level

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww ❤ Thank you so much, bae! ❤ This comment will mean so much to the three of them too! And you are also one major pillar in my life, don't you ever forget that! ❤ I am so lucky to have such a blessed lovable sister like you to support me in everything I write! ❤


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