The Biggest Crime

Do you know what the biggest crime you can commit is? Refusing to love and respect yourself. Unless you do that, you really can’t love and respect anyone else. So love and respect yourself!

The Ride of 2018

2018. Where do I even begin? I don’t know what to remember this year by. My wedding year or the year of my big accident. Cause most of 2018 was spent by recovering from that car crash of April 27. On December 15, I joined my old school friends in this extremely enjoyable batch meet,…

Impossible Thought

As I was grating carrots, radishes, turnips and cheese the other day, I peered closely at the minute pieces, wondering if it was possible to recreate the carrots, radishes and turnips and cheese by locating the right pieces and joining them together again.  Can it really be done? Is it really, really possible to fix…

Your Creation Should Be In Demand!

When Life gives you milk, make chocolate out of it so that your creation is always in demand. Attract people with your talent. Allow your mind to tangent in all directions possible to make them treat their taste buds with that chocolate! 

Imagination On Gear!

Hey there, guys, how’s it going?  I found this one liner writing prompt on Google that inspired a short on-the-spot scene. Read on to find out what came out of my head 😀 They had to make sure none one else had noticed … They had to make sure no one else had noticed. But…

Unpopular Opinions on Love and Relationships

I was challenged by Bala (Author Balakarthiga, whose author interview is my previous post) to list unpopular opinions on love and romance and I have five of them. There is no such thing as love at first sight. You can’t associate something so beautifully built over time, commitment, laughs, common interests, uncommon interests (trust me,…

Author Interview with Balakarthiga

AFour years in the making, Butterfly Met Hurricane by Author Balakarthiga has gone through challenges similar to the one a baby takes up as it makes its way out of its mother’s womb. Safe, nourished and protected by Bala in her laptop, this book forayed into the world to create goose bumps on the skin of every reader….