Music On Shuffle

I was surfing Google to look up writing prompts in order to enable me to keep my blog awake and came across one amusing challenge that grabbed my interest. It asked me to play my music player on shuffle and write down the first ten songs that play. The first set spewed some songs of the same artists or a folder that contains a large number of songs, so I switched it on and off for a few times till I got a balanced set of variety.

If any of these are songs you love, feel free to enthusiastically share it in the comment section 🙂

1. Breaking Dawn Opening Music:

This is a BGM from part four of the Twilight movie saga, the title music that plays to the opening of Breaking Dawn Part Two. I have an immense affinity for this track.

2. I Almost Do:

A track from Taylor Swift’s fourth album, Red. I used to skip listening to this before but I Almost Do once played on the speaker when I was lazy to change songs last year and I suddenly became so addicted to it. No idea what happened to make me feel that way but if I feel like singing to myself, this is a favourite candidate.

3. Sau Tarah Ke:

A track from Varun Dhawan’s Dishoom that was released last year.

4. Jeeva Nadhi: 

The very first song of Baahubali. I was excited when this came up on shuffle for the list. Why wouldn’t I love to have a Baahubali song in this post? I have the Tamil and Telugu versions of both movies and this is the Tamil version of Jeeva Nadhi. 

5. Guzarish:

Ah, Guzarish. An incredible romantic melody from Hindi Ghajini. I can listen to Guzarish for hours. AR Rahman’s composition of this track makes me imagine its music magically echoing through the universe.

6. Allegra:

A catchy intro song of Shriya Saran from the Tamil movie, Kandhasamy. 

7. The Way I Loved You:

Taylor Swift again ❤

8. Karna and Kunti:

I so love this BGM from Star Plus’ Mahabharat. Karna and Kunti were two of my favourites on screen and this track exists solely for the mother who yearned for the son who had no idea about it, the music reflecting upon her feelings.

I couldn’t find the track I have with me on YouTube. The original song of them is there but not the musical version of it. Wish it was there. It’s a most beautiful track.

9. Mahadev Theme:

Another mythology series BGM, but this time, it’s from Devon Ke Dev – Mahadev. If anyone from Vijay TV stumbles across this post, please stay here for a while and please PLEASE consider my pleas (along with a thousand others) to dub and telecast this epic series of Lord Shiva in Tamil, completing it this time. Stopping the previous telecast not even halfway through a few years ago was not fair at all.

10. Naani Koni:

A romantic track from the Tamil movie, Maatran, to which I used to be addicted four years ago. I still love it and don’t skip it while it plays on shuffle.


So there’s my shuffled list from the first ten songs from my iPod. Are any of these songs your favourites or do you like another song from the same movie or album or mythological series?

You could try out this writing prompt too. It was really fun and I loved sharing a few of the songs I have, most of which fishtailed me to a nostalgic memory lane. Thanks to the person from Google who suggested this!


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    1. Thanks Priya! ❤ Welcome to my blog! ❤


  1. Okay, I’m going to use this prompt. Definitely.

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    1. Oh, yay!! I’m looking forward to that one!

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