Provoked Morph

Just when you think someone is the best, the best of best, the bestest, and you travel along with them with joy dedicated to that sole person’s achievements, the lights go out, a scuffle of words explode into a grenade of deliberate misconstrues and then the lights come back on to reveal an avatar of them that has been birthed from frustration, anger and a fury to make a comeback, changing that person into someone who isn’t even the last person you wanted that person to change into.

It’s terrifying and saddening.

And no matter how much you search for that lovely, bubbly person whom you fell in love with first, you never find them beneath this new avatar of theirs. You can only hope.

How is it that the minute someone shines so bright, like a diamond, all the surrounding people want to do is break that diamond into pieces and destroy that lustre? Why, just why? What is the mechanics of this attitude? What is the reason to search for a way to break something so incredible?

Breaking a diamond doesn’t turn you into one.

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  1. I agree with you, breaking a diamond doesn’t turn you into one.

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  2. There’s jealous people who don’t realize they too have a shining light within. Nice! Happy weekend my friend.

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    1. Very true words, dear. Thanks so much for reading the post and I hope you had a lovely weekend!

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    1. Thank you, Shreya ❤


  3. “Breaking a diamond doesn’t turn you into one.”

    Every hater needs to learn this lesson. Spite is the worst way to hurt anyone! That’s what those evil beings are filled with!

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    1. I know, babe! God, I hate the haters. Do they have any idea that they are the weakest beings on Earth?

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