Dream Come True



A couple of days ago, I was at my cousin sister’s house and we were talking random stuff when she told me something that shocked me completely. Was it even possible? Does that sort of stuff really happen? Maybe Cinderella was right, after all.

More than a month ago, my sister had a dream in which one of her best friends got an award for best student in college. That sort of ceremony never happens there, not whilst she was there anyway, and she’s been there for five years now, about to earn her post graduate degree. Her best friend is one of the popular girls, gaining attention through her talent in excelling in dance. And she’d had this dream where she received an award and told her about it the next morning in class, surprising and amusing her.

‘Yeah, like that’s going to happen,’ she’d laughed.

Little did both of them know.

A few weeks later, an announcement came to their notice, in which her best friend was to receive the exact award her dream had foretold.

The only thing both of them didn’t do was fall out of their seats due to the way the earth shook beneath them. Her other friends who’d known about the dream too turned around to stare at her with wide eyes the size of dinner plates, threatening to bulge right out of their sockets.

And as the respective girl had her head full of my sister and climbed up the stage to receive the trophy to a loud round of applause, my sister was seated in the exact place she was seated on in her dream. They were all dazed for the rest of the day and week and she received a special treat from her best friend for this.

The quote from Cinderella I’ve shared wasn’t picked at random, because it suits my sister perfectly. When she wishes (when she’s awake 😀 ) the best for someone, may it be me or our other sisters or her friends, she does it with so much of love and fierceness. Her beauty is how she does the most unexpected of things to hope the best for us. One example is back during when one of our little nephews suffered from Dengue a couple of years ago.He had low immunity and things turned critical, scaring all of us to death, before God worked wonders and answered our prayers to cure him.

During that time, my sister, who never is into divine stuff that much, took a wad of papers and repeatedly wrote Lord Vishnu’s name with the prayer that he gets cured soon. It was an act of pure love. So I smiled to myself as I thought that she’d probably hoped for her best friend to receive an accolade for her talent and it came as a dream and wondrously, became true.

It was totally amazing when she told me about this and I had a hand clamped over my mouth. This was the first time I’d heard about something like this. Sure, there have been times I stand somewhere and think to myself, ‘I’ve been here before.’ Even if it is inside the house. And then I’d predict the next few events of the next minute, which does happen, I don’t know how that works, but this was a solid dream my sister had.

A very vivid dream.

A very vivid dream that came true, right to where she sat and watched the ceremony.

It was amazing and freaky at the same time.

It’s solid proof this world has ethereal magic. This world is definitely not what we think it is completely. There are so many mysteries lurking around, ones we can never solve.

Have any of you had experiences like this before? I’d love to hear about it, please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below.




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