The Ride of 2015


Aloha, people, it’s me Deepika. A very Happy New Year to everyone! God bless all of you. I hope to have a wonderful New Year ahead too, but before that, I’d like to reminisce the memories of my old ride.

Yeah, everyone writes a memoir every New Year of how the past twelve months went. But let me put things straight by saying it’s not stereotyped or clichéd. It’s a catalyst to growing up. You look back and analyse each and every experience, event, action, feeling, notable words (that may be positive or negative), or any book you read … there are numerous things for which you can hit the rewind button on your mental system. It’s healthy to do so.

And since I’m a health and fitness freak, the formula applies to me too.

Are you with me, secured in your seatbelts in the other cars of the rollercoaster ride? Because we’ve been steadily climbing up the steep rails of the ride, inching closer and closer to adrenaline rush.

Ah, we’re at the top now.

Here we go.

The Ride of 2015

Taylor Swift:



I downloaded album 1989 of Taylor Swift (I can’t believe I missed the release date. Am I really that blind to reality world and lost in my books?) and listened to it on repeat all day the second I got them on my desktop. I’m an over-over-zealous Swiftie. When you look at my physical self while I set eyes on Taylor’s picture or interview or whatever, I may not look like it. But inside, I’m practically bonkers about this strong, adorable, brilliant, funny and priceless phenomenon born into female kind ❤

Her music is like oranges to me. Weird metaphor, I know, but there’s not a day I fail to inhale at least two oranges. So basically, I can’t sleep if I don’t listen to a song of Tay-Tay  ❤ Taylor, if you by some miracle blessed by Krishna, run into this post, I just wanna say thank you, thank you so much for producing music that fuels my energy every single day. You have no idea what kind of role it plays in my life. I really need your beats to keep me up and going. So don’t you dare retire from music world (it’s a hypothetical situation, but I’m still warning you). I love you to a level beyond infinity ❤

Trip to Thiruppathi:




I visited Thiruppathi for the first time, in my knowledge. I’ve actually visited it once before, back when I was two years old, so I can hardly remember anything. Mum says I walked up the mountain without a break but sadly, I don’t have memories of it. But no worries. I got an unexpected darshan this time. It’s very difficult to see Govinda in Tirumala, let alone get a chance to stay in front of him for fifteen seconds full. There’s this daunting line of devotees and you probably have to wait for an hour tops to have only a limited glimpse. We got tickets for five to six pm the first day but I saw Him only at seven pm, because when we were just hundred metres from the entrance, the doors closed for a pooja and we had to wait for a long time before access was granted. Myself, my brother and my parents managed to settle down on the ground to rest but my poor grandparents couldn’t do that due to physiological difficulties. But my grandma, who usually is very verbal about pains, didn’t utter a single word while she patiently withstood it. Because where was she? She was in the shelter of Govinda. He was protecting her from the unbearable level.

The temple was glorious, ornamented with golden plates, crystal chandeliers, chiselled pillars and flowers with seductive floral scents. But they didn’t measure up to Him, my mentor, Lord Vishnu ❤ There He was, bedecked in gold, platinum, rubies and diamonds, glimmering in the glow from the lamps. I’ve never seen anyone so magnificent. Power and love interspersed into one, he radiated a grandiose divine aura that penetrated right to the bone. I wasn’t aware of anything as I stared at Him. I only got a ten second view but I wasn’t disheartened. Because we had two more darshans the next day. Time and never ending stream of disciples challenged our fortitude and when I reached the Lord once more, I got pulled away too soon for my liking.

And that was when I made a plan. No security is heartless enough to make you move if you keep your eyes on Him firmly and stand your ground. Wishful thinking, but I wanted to take a chance. So during my third and final darshan, while I was standing in line again, I silently wished to Krishna to keep me with Him for an extra few seconds. I needed them to absorb each and every feature into my mind to have it imprinted.

And my wish was granted ❤

I fixated my eyes as soon as I stood right in front of Him. And I mean it in the literal sense. There was only a barrier of railing between Him and me. So I executed my plan and there I got a thirty second view of Lord Vishnu in all His glory. Grateful to Him and the security who didn’t tug me as per my wishes, I walked out of the temple with an elated heart 🙂

And yes, with the famous laddus too.

The taste of it still lingers in my mouth and I wish to visit Thiruppathi again this year.

Book Two, Three, Four:


I finished book two and three of my series in 2015. During New Year, I was already halfway through the former, finishing it two months into the year, and I began the latter one month later and completed it three months ago. It was in the meantime I got out of WordPress. I’ve a passionate habit of noting down the date, time and place of starting and ending each book 🙂 and since the first three had the repeated venues of my house and my grandparents’ house, I decided to add a little difference by starting book four at UDS Resort in Kovalam, where we holidayed during the weekend of Gandhi Jeyanthi. The finishing date and location remains a mystery. I’m going through a hectic phase of editing at the moment, since my characters have an annoying yet delightful manner of surprising me with a new side to them that makes me change some sentences or dialogues or scenes in the previous books.

The annoying manner pertaining to driving me insane.

Don’t all kids?

Last year I sent out some queries and submissions to literary agencies as well so I’m hoping for a positive reply from at least one of them. Honestly, writing’s the only easy part in your journey to becoming an established author. The steps that come in the strenuous process to acceptance and publishing and promoting is downright rough.

Self-publishing seems an easy way.

But I don’t want that.

I’ve only seen rejection letters from agents in my inbox.

I want to experience the feeling of what it’s like to see a mail saying ‘Deepika, I’ve decided to represent your work.’

And I’m going to do everything in my power to make that possible. I’m a stubborn little monkey 😛


One of my grandpa’s older brothers passed away, leaving a hole in our lives 😦 He’s very aged but he was an important elder in our family. We really miss his guidance and wise presence and it was a tough week during the time he breathed his last. It was hard to believe he had really left. But the truth drilled itself into my head and we’ve all learned to accept it.


One more death that tore my heart was the death of my pet fish, Dory 😦 She was gifted to me from my Dad’s friends’ meet during the Christmas vacation of 2014 and she was supposed to stay in the living room but since Mum felt I’d feel good if I had some company while shut up in my room writing all day, I agreed to give her a space on my writing desk. I initially was unsure because of the limited available area, yet, I cleared some of my extra notes and migrated them to my shelf instead so Dory could live next to my work. I didn’t know whether the fish was male or female but since she had a blue shade and reminded me of one of my favourite Disney characters, I christened her Dory. I should say Dory and I didn’t hit it off well at first. She had these gills that flared like a ferocious defensive stance whenever I inched my finger close to the wall of her tank (check the picture for a vivid view, because I just pissed her off there XD ) and I kept sticking my tongue out at her going, ‘Fine, stay that way, critter.’

We had a silent battle for two months straight before the time came when she began approaching the side of the tank nearest to me with curiosity. I’d pretend not to notice her but I always flicked my eyes to her every now and then. She’d be watching me type and when I began to inch my fingers to her again, she didn’t flare her gills like the beginning. Sure, she backed away, but if I didn’t remove my index from the glass for a few more seconds, she’d cautiously tap her nose against it.

And that was how we made peace and became friends. It was in my room I did every single activity so she knew everything about me, therefore a mute friend who is serving as an emotional support. She only swims around and eats but when I feel a little stressed, just one look at her flicking her tail makes me relax.

I was so upset the day her life came to an end. She was very ill two weeks before it and I prayed that she’d be better soon but she’s a tiny little thing and her body can’t withstand much of it. So she died in the corner, resting on top of a pebble. I despondently emptied the tank and had to stow it up on the shelf.

So that’s how my 2015 went. Nothing too flashy or adventurous but it was blissful and enjoyable in its own way. It was a very good year. I finished two books, what more do I need?

2016 has some life oriented decisions in store and I’m freaking out but whatever happens, Krishna is with me. So I’ve nothing to fear. I’m going to go on with the flow with a sure and strong heart and do my job. I’ll be inserting a blog post whenever I get time and mostly, I’ll be spending time with my books. This year is the last phase of it. I know it for sure. It’s a very important year for me. I’ve envisioned certain things that’ll happen, and there may be some surprising events too. I’m anticipating them.


Have a great day ahead, guys.

Jai Shree Krishna.

Lots of love,

Deepika ❤

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  1. Nimz says:

    Oh my God!! and here it is.. The best gift for me on New Year!! My girl is back.. 🙂 Lovely post dear.. 🙂 Pace up with your writing honey.. May 2016 be a big year for you in all success and happiness.. 🙂 ❤ Love you.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deepika Kumaaraguru says:

      Thank you so much, Nimika ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sweetie your last your ride journey of travel was very much divine ,interesting and your journey of thirupathi what you have portrayed in this post was very majestic plus delightful. And i am not only read this post i am feeled to travelled along with you bae. Moreover, i am feel so bad for your room friend Dory .And i am also like to hear Taylor Swift movie song my dear sweetie bae…….
    Furthermore, my advance wishes for this remaining year and upcoming year with more and more victorious, flourishing ,year full of happiness, ,joy and a winning year ahead !!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am running out of words to respond to you, darling, all I can say is that you touch me immensely with your beautiful words and the way you spend time to read all my articles! ❤


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