The Magic in Broken Magic


My bestie Bala yet again unleashes the awesomeness of her pen with this short but deeply profound story – BROKEN MAGIC. ❤

I’m not on Facebook, since I have an outrageous aversion to the distractive social media, but if there is something about Facebook I love, it’s Bala’s page. Our bond dates back to over five years ago when we first met on our school stage, her with a bright welcoming smile ready for the new girl in class. During the course of year twelve, the pair of us were inseparable. Like literally, we hold hands even to the ladies room. We possess so much of similarities between ourselves to the point that it’s almost scary, but we don’t always yap about like the other girls. We’re the quietest pair of best friends in the class, I tell you. Even if we’re seated on the same bench, the very awareness that we’re warmly pressed against each other side-by-side speaks for itself ❤

Bala’s always been a ray of sunshine, smile aglow and providing energetic boosts to whoever needs it ❤ To say the truth, she’s the first person to whom I got emotionally bonded with. I haven’t met a twin of my personality before that and to see I finally had, it was surreal. Till this day, we’re childish for so many things, the prime example being an incessant affinity for the Walt Disney Empire 😛

I’d always known she would bloom in a different field than the one she’s already harvesting in. She may be an engineer but she excels in literature. Books and fantasy worlds have been her breath of life, so it’s no secret she sees magic in everything. Need I say she’s the most insane Potterhead I’ve come across? XD

Bala sees magic in writing, she sees magic in transporting herself to a different realm while reading, she sees magic in the love between herself and her family, she sees magic in her friendship bonds, she sees magic in every movement around her – may it be human or inanimate object – and she sees magic in love.

She, being very perceptive, also knows how magic can be broken. Which is how BROKEN MAGIC was born.

I’m a big fan of Bala. I fell in love with her pen way back when she sent me links to her stories on, and a few months later, fell in love all over again with her debut novel Heartstrings. Let me just brag a bit by saying I had the honour to give her one of the first reviews and edit it for her. I already told you her Facebook page is the only thing I love about Facebook, right? So I regularly visit it, enjoying her new posts, and I was so excited by the promos of BROKEN MAGIC. I unfortunately couldn’t find time to read it as soon as it was published, since I was in demand of editing my own books, but now I finally found some time to breathe, and decided to meet Aadhi and Nayani at last.

I know this post mentions me reviewing BROKEN MAGIC and not Bala, but deal with it 😛 I can’t write about her book without pouring my love for my twin sister first.

Okay, so onto the review before I get another flashback of the pair of us 😛

Aadhi and Nayani are not part of a parallel world nor is Aadhi a hundred year old vampire stalking seventeen year old human Nayani and creepily watching her sleep.


They are people just like us, going about their everyday lives, like college in this scenario, and their stars cross each other, making them sparkle. You can see they’re already past the stage of the regular love story formula where they have an internal debate of whether to confess or not. Because the conflict usually lies in how to express your emotions and be anxious of whether the object of your affection reciprocates. Here the conflict is the love itself. It’s a fresh new idea and I was roped into it as soon as I saw the blurb, not to mention the oxymoron in the title.

The story deals with a practical fear every single relationship should have. This aspect isn’t seen in other stories that I know of, maybe because it isn’t given much of an intricate thought whilst lost in the hullabaloo of whether your partner is letting you have your personal space or sparing you time. But really, the following words spoken fearfully by Nayani form the most practical relationship flaw ever:

My biggest fear isn’t that you’ll lie to me or cheat on me. No. It’s not the usual threats to a relationship that come to mind when I think of us. It’s the fact that someday, all the magic will be gone and what’ll be left of us is the painfully boring ordinariness I was filled with before I met you. I’m afraid – no – scared to death that your currently deceiving eyes will lose the filters and look at my bare mediocre self, and I’m afraid you won’t be enchanted by me anymore.

Isn’t that the need of the hour?

In fact, you can totally relate with that. I certainly can. Since I’m an alarming dreamer, questions pertaining to my future relationship with my better half have always been probing me. And this is one of them. Every single girl houses a panic towards her guy. Sometimes, it’s even daunting to express some of your thoughts because then you’ll feel vulnerable and wonder in trepidation of what it’ll reflect on him. It’s like you’re peeling an onion right in front of his eyes … in the end, you emerge with nothing. The fascination is gone.

That is the fear Bala has excellently portrayed through the character of Nayani.

Aadhi and Nayani exist in the opposite ends of the romance spectrum. One impersonates the dread of too much happiness while the other impersonates the shine in it.

BROKEN MAGIC shows how that dread can be a hindrance to the beautiful bond. You learn something from both characters, of what kind of anxieties can crop up as well as how to handle it. Aadhi shows the light of the way by pointing out just what he loves about her.


Her, with all of her flaws, intelligence and warmth.

There is no way you can not be fascinated by the person who’s your sun. There’s a new brightness about it every day. He needs Nayani to survive. How can he possibly find her bland and run of the mill? Because she’s beautiful as she is and interests him every day with her intellect and thoughts.

Three chapters provide you an insightful, deep echo of the inner workings of your heart and display what pure, unadulterated love is.

Bala has a simplistic writing style. Nothing too fancy or too advanced. And that’s what makes her stories special. They nail down straight on emotions using the most accurate of words. No beating around the bush. You read it and come back for more. Because I have read BROKEN MAGIC twice now and found something new in the second round of reading it. Who knows, I may find something else when I head back to it after penning this review ❤

I especially loved the way Bala subtly quoted Taylor Swift’s songs Style and Mine in here.

‘With that daydream look in her eyes’

‘The best thing that’s ever been mine’

Are where I found my heart swelling. So it’s obvious the pair of us are ardent Swifties 😉

Bala, I wish I could hug you close for the amazing way you’ve written this emotional story. Because emotions are quite difficult to inscribe and the attempt usually ends up in a long book in my case. But you wrapped it all up very neatly in this exquisite, straightforward, heart-wrenching story of yours.

Kudos, partner!

Keep rocking, babe!

I’m on the edge of my seat for the two novels you are about to publish. My prayers and well-wishes will always be with you, and one day, I’m gonna snap a fan girl selfie with you with a signed copy of your book in my hands ❤

Love you!

Hugs and Kisses,

Ishu ❤

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  1. Nimz says:

    Aww.. That’s a wonderful treat for our girl.. Good review Deepika.. I read the story the very next day after publishing & still striving to write a review about it.. 😦 Will come back with it soon.. For our Bala.. 🙂 ❤
    This one is too great.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deepika Kumaaraguru says:

      Thank you so much, Nimika ❤ I'm waiting eagerly for your review ❤ Yep, Bala deserves so much for writing beautiful stories amidst her busy schedule ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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