Savour Everything

You like me

And I like you

The waves hum between us

The wings of our hearts flutter

Vibrating blushes


Waiting for the first step

Is it going to be you or me?

Shyness doesn’t make me a sensitive girl

Shyness doesn’t make you a weak boy

It gives us more reason to savour this

Savour each nervous step

Savour each meet of our eyes

Savour each notice of each other

Savour the small piece of paper that has a hello

Savour the constant awareness of each other

Savour the daring nerve to reach out for each other’s hand

Savour the twitters at the first contact

Savour the pounding of our pulses when we confess the magical words

Savour the dreams that come with the mutual feeling

Savour the roses that are blooming all around us

Savour the walls they put up against the thorns

Savour the innocence

Savour the excitement

Savour everything


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