An excellently analysed and written post by my bestie here ❤ I’m so proud of you, PPD, of the powerful pen Krishna has gifted you and the labyrinth mind of endless miracles he blessed you to own ❤ You’re amazing! Once again, welcome to WordPress!!

Life. Dreams. Hopes and Happiness.

Hi Reader!

First things first (as always; I mean the always as known to the readers of my old, albeit, slightly dysfunctional blog here), I’m gonna apologize for the really late post. I’m gonna explain it with the following chain of events.

  1. I read my friends’ works on WordPress
  2. I keep reading all their posts over several months
  3. I stare left and right in awe
  4. I decide to start a WordPress myself
  5. I wait for months (still following my friends’ WordPress’es)
  6. I start one
  7. I wait for weeks (still following my friends)
  8. I put up an introductory piece
  9. I wait for days again
  10. I curse my lazy ass and land here to type

Yeah, that’s just how lame I was being. But, who knew that a lazing around weekend, a tub of really bad pasta, and a karaoke session would all pile up and bring me right here? But…

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