With Love, Forever

When your best friend publishes her book baby, it’s such a damn proud moment.

Writing is literally the most easiest part in the publishing process. It’s not a cakewalk to get someone to agree to publish your work. No. It is not, contrary to what so many people assume.

It requires bravery, grit and crucial decision making.

And my best mate makes me beam with pride as she finally publishes her debut novel, one she’s nurtured so close to her heart.

“With Love, Forever” by Kavya Janani is a book that tells us about quite a curiously silent love story between two people from the opposite ends of the spectrum – the lovely Bhavana and sweet Jairam. It was like a box of chocolates that held so many flavours for me to enjoy without leaving anything out.

The factors – love, innocence, delicate waves, friendship, heartbreak, family ties, struggles, stability, instability, beauty and the magic of first love – were all packed with the right dimensions, a Monica Geller neatness and a very rich vocabulary that is a definite inspiration to every reader of this book. The words just flow eximiously from the author’s pen, with fluid and ease to mould Bhavana for who she is. I practically witnessed an unstable and innocent teenager develop into a confident and mature young lady who knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life.

In the first half of the book, Bhavana’s exhibited to be the common Indian 15 year old of 2007. The innocence that drips with her every young and hormonal emotion is really a heart gripper, amidst the typical Indian scenario in her household – the caution exercised for each move she makes oblivious to them and how she is restricted from getting out there too much.

The innocence of her really gets to the reader, as the rage of her hormones tickles her curiosity when a guy starts to notice her. She is consumed with the interest of embracing that bundle of nerves that are the pink hearts of every 15 year old.

This seriously is a very different love story from what I’ve read so far from other authors.

Cause you know how love stories are – Guy meets girl, they get attracted, hit it off, bring forth a very weird reason to fight, separate and then get back together. That’s stereotypical.

But the frequency and the waves displayed here were delicate and quiet. Which is the first factor to intrigue the reader. Is it really possible for silent love to exist? Well, I guess it does exist. I admit I felt it was weird for two people to just stare and stare at each other and fall in love without knowing anything about the other but hey, we’ve all had our own crushes at school and they usually originate before any sort of interaction.

We don’t even know why we like that person.

We just do.

And Bhavana and Jairam did just that. These two adorable kittens represented what it’s like to have a crush on someone and what it’s like to be brave enough to go for what your heart calls out for.

And then out of the blue, we find Jairam to vanish off the face of the world.

As the mystery of that underlines Bhavana’s subconsciousness even as she moves on with her life, it reaches into her to painfully grasp the core of what her heart really wants, instigating her and her friends to go in search of the man in question responsible.

I enjoyed reading the story of Bhavana and Jairam and I definitely would recommend you passionate readers out there to grab a copy of With Love, Forever and get to know about a kind of love that starts even before it is supposed to start and then shifts into first gear, piquing our curiosity and interest with each page.

Great job, Kavya!

I hope you continue to entertain us all with more of your unimaginable ideas!

To get your copy of With Love, Forever, please click on this link

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