Don’t Let Anything Press Your Head

Day after busy day

You press my head

In an effort to cleanse your hands

But what is used to wash away whatever is pressing your head?

What is used to destroy your stress the way I destroy harmful microbes of your palms?

Darling, I live for my head to be pressed

But you shouldn’t live that way

Don’t let anything press your head

You love my lavender scent

I love the sweet scent of a free and happy mind

Don’t let anything press your head


Your loyal hand wash. 


Hey, guys, how are you all? I hope everyone is safe, healthy and well. I’ve been such a defunct blogger for the past month and a half and I owe all my dedicated readers a huge apology! I am back to my blog and hope to get back into my old regime as soon as possible!

Thank you so much for continuing to support me and my work, you guys are the best! 

Everyone can relate with how even one comment of appreciation for a post can light up a writer’s day anytime. The happiness of being on this social platform created and dedicated solely for writers is immeasurable 🙂 

Stay awesome and stay healthy!

Jai Shree Krishna ❤



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