How Can People Not Care?

The attitude of simply refusing to care about other people’s welfare is currently cornering the market of humanity. Everywhere I turn, I see betrayal in all forms of existence, sometimes offering a coating to the much stronger word – thievery. Right from the cunning fruit sellers to the bad doctors who don’t let patients approach better doctors, they live to just con people out of their money.

I see these fruit sellers come up to the door and attempt to coax us into buying the fruits but if you blink a second longer, into your basket goes one or two of the rotten ones the seller cleverly hides between the good ones you selected. This happens at the fruit market as well. How, just how? How in the world is the urge to sneak in a bad fruit provoked? Doesn’t the seller feel guilty at all? How does their hand not tremble as they commit this wrong?

Some colleges offer great hostel necessities as well as nutritious food of variety but there are also loads of colleges that don’t offer the necessities they initially boast of until the heavy cheque is handed over. No bus services for the students to get to the city’s bus station safely and no service of proper and healthy food which drains the students of healthy muscle, which mothers have to work on building up until their visit is over. Because of the lack of the balanced and delectable diet provision, students feel the urge to go out and eat, which isn’t good for their health either.

All that bulk of money they obtain from each students’ parents, can’t those colleges use them to provide basic amenities that will satisfy the health and safety of the students? Can’t they save the trust parents have on them? What’s the issue with providing red and white meat twice a week to supply the necessary protein? What are they doing with their gargantuan bank account?

There are more doctors than we can imagine who use their profession to con people out of their money alone. Money those people would have either hard earned or obtained through selling property and jewellery, which takes up a strength of will. Cunning doctors snatch them easily by luring those poor souls with the false promise of making everything all right. How can they do that? How can they be so heartless?

For the sake of money, they don’t let the patient go either. How the hell can a doctor supposed to specialise in general surgery know anything about the skeletal system or nervous system? Yet, they don’t allow the patients to approach an orthopaedic surgeon or neuro surgeon when they know one. Cause then the payment of that patient getting all better and leading a normal life will go to the other doctor. Educated deceive the uneducated very easily. How in the universe can anyone have the urge to destroy another person’s life?

And it’s not just the doctors specialising in something different from the patient’s problem. The doctors in the same field do the same thing! Take the field of orthopaedics (skeletal system) for example. There’s this inexperienced doctor just fresh out of his post graduate or PhD and he claims he knows everything there is to know about orthopaedics. Man, he can even perform a hip replacement surgery! He doesn’t let go of the patient who approaches him, thus damaging the particular bone in problem or has fractured even further before the poor soul or the family finally chase him away and approach a well experienced doctor, who takes the drastic measures to fix all the fresh damages before tending to the initial problem. These inexperienced doctors who live for money can even destroy the life of the patient completely if they don’t take up the warning sign seriously and have another better doctor save them.

Another way money is conned out of patients is by having them take all these scans that aren’t necessary for the problem they have, just so that they’ll pay the bill for the scans, as well has not discharging the patient at once when they are fit to go home, so that they’ll pay rent for the extra days.

Really, how?

I can’t fathom the mystery of the origin of this attitude.

How can you ever live with yourself after stealing someone’s money like this as well as damaging their lives? How can you betray the trust they place in you when they enter your hospital?

If you can’t do it, then ask the patient to approach another doctor who can do it. Why manacle them in your silly experiments? How can you play with someone’s life like that?

Destroying people’s lives and conning people out of their hard earned money is all over the place.

I frequently wonder about God’s actions every time I hear about another way of deceiving people. How is He able to tolerate all of this? What kind of punishments does He have karma shove back into those faces?

I am easily agitated and someone mature than me usually has to tell me to calm down when I want to yell at the atrocities, telling me to just follow the rightful principles I always live by and mind my own business for my peace. When I wonder, ‘Doesn’t that mean I don’t care as well?’ But no, I’m wrong. Cause God is taking care of everything and all we have to do is just trust Him alone.

Why do we have to interfere in His business?


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  1. I know how this feels, and I can definitely relate to this.

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