Human Traits

Being born as a human comes with a package deal of a plethora of emotions, reactions and actions. Each comes with their own angle, flavour, percentage and intensity to set us apart from the other that it’s not just a DNA test to show proof of individuality.

Here are some notable human traits I’ve observed to be interesting, amusing, adorable as well as annoying.

Enjoy Yelling:

We all know at least one person who’s a tad crazy, mischievous, loud or talkative. They may irritate us with their habits but when we love that person, we actually enjoy telling them to stop that or shut up. Like, they may have OCD very bad, giving them the tendency to check if the gas is switched off at least five times before leaving the house, or check if the door is locked properly at least another five times before sitting in the car. The people who don’t have OCD enjoy making palm faces or rolling their eyes as they watch this person run back and forth.

That’s their crazy habit that cannot be changed and where’s the fun if you don’t tell them to stop that or shut up? You have to do that, even though it never works.

This is quite amusing.

Enjoy The Mess:

Some people are so clean that they need to have everything organised and in place. They can’t stand it if a room is spread with stuff, courtesy of the person who’s working there. But when that slobby person is absent for a while and the very room the clean person wanted to be tidy is tidy, they actually wish for the mess to be back there, which means they miss that slobby person very much and the house will look like a house only with the mess, the symbol of that person’s presence.

I find this trait adorable and interesting.

Snobby Dancers:

At school or college, there’s always this group of girls who’re well known to be great dancers, always performing on the stage for every event. When they recruit other dancers if they need extra people, they leave out girls who wish they could be in the troupe as well but don’t satisfy the judges in the audition. During the main event, as those dancing girls get ready with outfits and makeup, they completely ignore the left out girls as well as other people if they talk to them.

This is offensive.

Overdo The Anticipation Build Up:

I’m talking about movie trailers here actually.

People have become obsessed with building hype that the very notion has turned into a warning sign now. Personally, I never look forward to a movie that gets drenched with the hype rain. As we know, empty vessels make much noise.

The hype obsession leads to bad trailers. Really, why format the entire movie into two minutes and just cut the climax off? I think almost every movie out there now charges all that money only for the last fifteen minutes, as the summary of the events leading up to that climax is right there on YouTube for free.

The overdose hype building trait is annoying.

Remember when trailers grabbed our attention within just thirty seconds, leading to great and memorable movies we still watch over and over?

Rant, Rant And Rant, Yet You’re Still There:

I’ve seen loads of people rant about how annoying and useless some social media is now and about the annoying things people do on it. Yet, they don’t delete their accounts. Seriously, why stress yourself like that?

If you don’t like it, just come out of it. Don’t just stay there and rant and complain how irritating and infuriating the people on your friends list are on it.

I find this trait very confusing.

Subtle Messages To Unrequited Feelings:

This one is very confusing as well as amusing.

There’s this person you’ve fallen in love with, and you’ve confessed to them. I like that you made that person know they’re the object of your genuine romantic feelings. But when that person hasn’t a clue of how to react or what to tell you or not sure how to say no and as a result, keeps silent, I don’t think it’s the right thing to do by giving a shout out to their attention by posting things like ‘I don’t need this, and I don’t care’ or ‘Waiting for someone is pointless. Nope, I am going to move on with my life’ on social media where so many other people can see it too.

If you want to forget about this person and want to move on, just do it. Don’t post subtle messages like that, which only prove the contrary.



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