Challenging Time or Sanity?

Hey there, guys, how are you all? It’s been more than a while since I refreshed my blog page with a new post. Aside from the fact I didn’t find an appealing topic to write about, I didn’t have the proper situation and condition to write anything in the first place. So how are you all? Everyone good? Everyone safe, happy and healthy? Cause that’s always the most important.

Lately, I went through a phase that inevitably had me restricted of food twice, one week each. To get my system to adapt to food again, I started off with liquid diets, followed up by a gentle solid diet. Both times, I progressed to eating my favourite homemade meals and now I’m fine but during those phases, I was overcome by the most strangest addiction.

The first time I went through this, I craved dearly for a bite of chicken or noodles, but in that situation, that was a whimsical part of my hunger, since my body and conscience knew I was in no fit state to digest a heavy meal like that. The dominant and pragmatic part always danced for joy when my taste buds hugged each grain of steamed rice, each drop of pulse gravy and each bite of boiled egg. I savoured food like I’d never savoured it before. I was always thinking about what I will eat next, a stark contrast to how I usually am. Since I’m like I need food to live, most of my attention is always on the next activity I can do, whether it may be writing or reading or working out or catching a new movie. It’s only once in a while I pull up a recipe from the internet and try it out at home. I do have cravings for my favourites but I’m not exactly what you call a foodie. For me, it’s always a controlled meal and a constant alert that I don’t eat too much of fat, determined to maintain my shape and health.

But in my restricted situation, I realised how much I really do love food and I yearned to eat. I was hungry almost all the time and I kept dreaming about the different types of things I could eat in that small restricted diet chart. I even thought back to several situations I didn’t eat an extra piece of chicken or an extra slice of pizza or an extra plate of biriyani or an extra cup of ice-cream … you get the idea. And I mentally hit myself for it, wondering what on earth I was thinking.

But mind you, this isn’t the strange addiction I mentioned earlier.

All of this craving led me to looking up some movie scenes from YouTube. Can you guess what those were? Yes, I was remembering all the scenes I could of people having breakfast or dinner or lunch, so that I could look at what was in the plates. But those weren’t as crystal clear as I wanted them to be. It takes only five seconds or less for such activity in a movie.

Then my attention zoomed to spaghetti and I started looking up people cooking spaghetti and meatballs, staring starry eyed and listening to the musical sound of the meat sizzling in the pan. In one of the videos, the lady chef forked some at the end and that’s when I cocked my head to one side, having an epiphany.


It wasn’t the cooking process I wanted to watch, after all.

And this is where my strange addiction started.

If anyone goes through my watch history on my YouTube app, all they’ll find is crazy – not to mention insane – videos of people stuffing their faces with ramen, chicken, fast food … basically, all the high calorie food you can ever think of.

I found some popular YouTubers whose channel was created solely for this and went through their uploads, choosing the ones I wanted to watch and aside from one of them eating a large pan without any time schedule, a few others always set the timer and wolfed down alarmingly large quantities. They competed with the element of time as well as another human being.

The one who ate large panfuls without any timer challenged herself only once in a while. It’s nice to watch her, cause not only is she adorable, she eats neatly inside a cutely decorated room and combines her meals with vlogs. But a lot of other people always set a timer and inhaled tremendously alarming amounts of calories to beat the clock.

Initially, I felt almost satisfied watching people challenge themselves to eat large quantities of food my stomach can’t afford to take in at the moment, because all I wanted was to eat and when it’s a food challenge, people have no time to talk for a vlog and concentrate on the plate alone.

But after my meal intake improved and I started eating the homemade meals I wanted, my stomach and mental state felt very happy and I finally came to my senses. Then I started wondering, ‘What exactly is to be gained out of torturing the jaws, oesophagus and stomach like that? Why can’t those people just enjoy every bite?’

I feel so guilty for wanting to watch such dangerous activity.

All these food challenges … All that perspiration while battling to grind each mouthful to paste with just one chew … All the agony that’s obviously administered to the body … Why?

I’m surprised the ones who challenged themselves too much are still able to upload more videos.

I started to become very concerned for their health. I mean, it may look like they could conquer the world right now but what kind of side effects or worse, what if something major happens to their digestive system in the future? It’s not like they’re challenging themselves to eat ten jumbo plates of spinach or vegetables or fruits. The entire jumbo platter contains pizza, pasta, chicken, meat … all the mega calories. And they’re all mostly dry food, which makes it harder to masticate and swallow.

Ten burgers in ten minutes?

Ramen enough for five people ingested in five minutes?

A feast for ten people inhaled by one person in half an hour?


Dear God.

None of them are homemade, or at least completely homemade. They’re all from fast food joints and other food outlets, loaded with all the empty calories that can make a beeline to clog the arteries. I’ve also seen people challenge themselves to eat extremely spicy food, so much spicy that you can feel steam coming out of your own ears just by watching them. You can see how obvious it is that they are struggling with the burning sensation in their mouth and throat, even going to the extent of drinking no water or milk in between. Some people said milk only increases the spice, I don’t know about that, though.

But why, just why?

Just to get cheers and more subscribers?

I couldn’t believe that I wanted to watch ominous food challenges like that, cause on the contrary, it’s very nice to watch someone have a variety of food in front of them and take their time eating each bite, chewing properly and enjoying each moment of it.

But what’s the entire point of savaging the exact same food, torturing yourself in the process, to get attention and applause?

And they also do challenges based on crazy recommendations from their subscribers.

It’s truly a gift and blessing to feel hungry and to eat. Why abuse it this way? Why abuse the perfectly beautiful digestive system?

What do you think about all these food challenges, guys? You think they’re completely insane and unhealthy?

Hope you have a great day ahead!





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  1. Oh, so THAT’S why you went into the crazy YouTube phase! I was puzzled so much as to what has happened to my healthy-food-freak friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yeah, this was the reason XD I couldn’t control myself at all XD


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