Through The Orca’s Eyes


Black and white.

These are the colours associated to home, my life, and everything that is ever a part of me. My home has no boundaries for the free spirit, being a free spirit itself in the first place. No one can control it, nor contain it. It’s a blue universe of mysteries.

I’m born into this blue.

My soul is connected to my family in black and white, each echoing call forging another secure and thick layer to the bonds that keep us alive and hold any purpose of existence.

Happiness lies in cruising through this blue.

Joy lies in allowing that emotion to lift our bodies out of it and splash back into its welcoming haven.

Care lies in protecting one another.

Compassion lies in how frequently we make gentle physical contact with each other to ensure safety and security.

Fun lies in playtime and watching the little ones imitate the adults.

Curiosity lies in wondering what those mysterious creatures are.

Mysterious creatures that come to see us.

Those mysterious creatures are small, but interestingly built. I mistook them for a unique species of starfish during my first encounter but starfish stay permanently in the blue, without vanishing, unlike this mysterious creature that vanishes to the world above the surface.

A world I nor my family can physiologically be compatible with.

A peripheral vision in my subconscious alerts me to the reality that I am always better off in this blue. Then why, why do I feel a warmth of emotions from the mysterious creatures when I sense the exact opposite from the world they come from? They resemble my family, but with a range of black and white instead of a default tone, each one very beautiful in their own way.

Their mode of cruising through the ocean have no resemblance to ours, yet, wonderfully enough, the strong currents created by their cruise are a joy to combine our cruise with.

Whenever I poke my face out to get a closer look at them, they get excited when I do.

They look different when they jump into my home however, covered in something that obviously helps them in here. And they follow us closely, in a smart technique that they never get in our way. Kind and considerate creatures.

Regardless of whether they are above or below, when one of their eyes meet mine and don’t break the gaze, a powerful chord strikes in my heart and nerves. Some have shifted their attention to the other parts of me that are optically accessible to them but the ones whose gazes centre on mine for an intense and perpetual period have their souls calling out to mine. I am immediately magnetised, and experience an overwhelming sensation that tells me I have nothing to fear from the mysterious creature.

I will protect it if I have to.

Which draws me nearer.


One very compassionate soul, cruising by herself above the surface, one day called out to me without jumping in. It was a deep yearning that I could not dismiss. And when I cautiously drew near, she made an interesting noise with one of her limbs by dipping it into the water, her invitation very enthusiastic. Wary yet curious, I steered closer and decided to glide along, nudging myself to a simple stroke from her that made me feel incredibly loved, a love quite different from what I get from my family. This is why she was calling out to me.

A craving to be near me for as long as she possible could hid inside that gentle caress, which wasn’t hard to decode. What she touched me with was so warm and filled with maternal compassion that I allowed myself to experience it again as the cruise took us along, her stroke gliding against the side of my body. I sensed a small amount of concern over herself before she dared to touch me the first time and when she found out her fear was unnecessary, she rewarded me with her maternal empathy over and over, every time I cruised closer after drawing away for a while.

These mysterious creatures never have to fear us at all. If they see us working towards our food supply, they can get rid of any anxiety that we will incorporate the same attitude towards them. There’s always a distinction between them and what we go after.

The mysterious creatures radiate nothing but tender fascination that only mesmerise us, shaking awake our own fascination of them and a desire to observe them the same way they do us.

Shame we do not share a common language.




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  1. NJ says:

    Beautiful ❤ serene ❤ and such a nice perspective to look at us through the eyes of someone else 🙂 specially some from different species 🙂 Wonderfully woven together 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much, Neerja Di ❤ So glad you loved it ❤

      Liked by 3 people

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