My ‘Little’ Allergy

‘Please switch that fan off, I’m freezing!’

‘You’re going to turn on the air conditioner? No, don’t reduce it to 16 degrees!’

Whoever I say that to raise an eyebrow, and then either don’t listen to me or make a negotiation that they term as being ‘Okay, it’s not that cold now’ (Actually, it still is), and then proceed onto saying, ‘Jeez, don’t you ever say you lived in the United Kingdom if you have such meager resistance to a breeze.’

I’ve heard that phrase more than a thousand times and it doesn’t make me any more compatible with a chilly temperature.

I get cold easy.

Too easily.

Right now, it’s still winter and I think the electric bill will be saved by a few hundred rupees till March or April until the heat really starts to kick in.

Yes, I have lived in the UK all my childhood and yes the winters are terribly cold there and I have lived in that too, but it doesn’t mean I’ve developed layers of insulation the way everyone assumes I have. I don’t know if the insulation is granted to former NRIs who have now moved back to India but I don’t have that insulation and I feel perfectly fine with owning an entire jacket store if that’s what it takes to repel whatever cold bites my skin. Even if the said cold originates from a normal domestic air conditioner at 20 degrees.

I don’t care if people think I’m crazy.

Because if I don’t wrap a blanket around myself or throw on a jacket wondering what other people would think of me and whether they think I’m an idiot, that’s when I become the real idiot.

Shivering isn’t my idea of fun.

I hate the cold.

If I go to the movie theatre, like Inox, I always take a sweater with me.

During a few December nights, I’ve walked around the house with a sweater on when no one else does.

En route to Kurukshetra on Jan Sadapti, I’ve sat with a woollen blanket wrapped tightly around myself when no one else in the train did. I got teased by my family members but that made no difference. I saw fellow passengers, girls around the same age as me, in short sleeved tops but that had no sort of impact on me either.

So what, they feel okay with the air conditioner and I don’t. I feel cold and I will have this blanket wrapped around me until we get down at the sunny station.

If you’re like me, having a weak resistance to a chilly breeze, and if you’re afraid to throw on a jacket because everyone else thinks you’re being ridiculous, don’t be.

Only you know what makes your body feel comfortable to the surroundings and to make yourself feel comfortable, don’t listen to other people. They’ll only make fun for, like, a few seconds and when they realise it all goes through one ear and comes out the other, they’ll give up. Pay attention to only what you really need and don’t put yourself in an uncomfortable situation thinking you can win over what you are not at all capable of resisting.

Know yourself and don’t be afraid of being who you are.

Have a great day ahead.

Jai Shree Krishna ❤

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