Be A Human Day

The other day, a discussion was going on at home, when an interesting quote came out of it that I wished to share.

There is Women’s Day, Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other Days. It would be nice if there was a Be A Human Day too.

It was constructed and articulated perfectly that I had to admire it. Because, admit it, it is on a specific day like a scheduled date that most people take to really, really appreciating the ones in whose honour that Day is. We appreciate and respect women on Women’s Day (I’ve written a post for Women’s Day too and every March 8, my WordPress reader is dedicated to related topics); We celebrate Children’s Day with kids at school; We tell Mum how much we love her and express it through gifts on Mother’s Day; We tell Dad how much we love him and express it through gifts as well on Father’s Day; And there is Rakshabandan too, when we awake our brothers to the realisation of how much we really love them.

So a Be A Human Day would be just as effective, won’t it?

Putting away the dark side, putting away negative emotions, and embracing your humanity.

Embracing your genuineness.

Embracing your selflessness.

Embracing your kindness.

Embracing your compassion.

Embracing every humane deed you are capable of doing, even if it is just helping your sibling with homework.

Interesting to wonder about just how many beautiful ways a lot of humanity can be brought out at once.



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  1. A great idea. But we can all celebrate it by doing small humane deeds everyday!

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    1. You’ve brought out the hidden message well, Radhika 🙂

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  2. A wonderful idea 👍. We could definitely begin by loving ourselves and people around us and doing some good deeds on a daily basis..

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    1. That is a really wonderful idea too, Deepika!

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