Sculpted Wonder

When a stone is being hammered, cut and subjected to vast phases of blows, it’s in the process of being sculpted to something beautiful. If your life knocks your knees out too many times to count that you’re bruised horribly, and feel like no matter what, you’re always going to get hit, always remember a spirit that loves you is sculpting you into someone who will end up being the person people will admire the most.

At a temple, everyone’s eyes are drawn to the sculpted deity within. They walk towards her/him by either stepping over or kicking aside the stones that lay exactly the way they’ve always been – never been subjected to any painful blows.

Every time you face something that hits you and makes you feel like you want to pick a bone with justice for being merciless, remember that you’re in the process of being shaped to one of a kind. There’s no one like you with the same uniqueness or same beauty – inside and out.

You’re a sculpted wonder in this world.

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  1. Aneesh says:

    This is just what the doctor ordered for me!!
    Thank You!!

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    1. That really makes me glad, Aneesh, thank you in return!

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  2. True that Deepika. We have forgotten to celebrate our uniqueness!

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    1. We shouldn’t ever forget how special we are, Radhika ❤


  3. Akhila says:

    All are one of a kind….good reminder deepika

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    1. Each person is beautiful with a beauty that exists solely for them 🙂 Thank you so much for reading, Akhila 🙂

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