The Indicator

I’ve seen quite a handful of vehicle drivers – motorbikes, scooters, cars, lorries etc – turning on the indicator and then swerving in the opposite direction of what the flashing light indicates.

Because it’s not a sign to show where they’re going.

It’s a sign to show which direction you’re supposed to go.

Apparently, the rest of us have been using the indicator the wrong way all these years.


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  1. Someswar says:

    You must be right. I saw an accident in which the man driving behind the vehicle he hit had a valid reason: “she turned on the right indicator, so I presumed she would turn left”.
    He also remembers a telephone lineman atop a pole (in India there are still telephone poles as not all cables are underground) being shouted at by a lady driver: “Just because I a woman is driving, you don’t have to climb a pole.”


    1. Not all women commit this mistake, since the ones I know have great driving skills, but because of a handful, sometimes people are wary when a lady is behind the wheel. Even though the man might be under the same category, I don’t think it was a “valid” reason, per se. While on the highways, certain cars in front hit the right indicator and then they don’t move in that direction, when after a minute the driver signals with his hand for us to over take. It really is confusing and we have to be alert at all times while driving.

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  2. I know!!! These guys are insane!

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