A Fish Out Of Water

Every time I look at a fish tank with the little fishes swimming around or bumping their noses against the glass, I wonder if they are ever truly happy in there.

“You know, like I’m from Bob’s Fish Mart”, “Pet Palace”, “Fish-O-Roma”, “Mail Order!”, “Ebay!”, ‘Soooo … which one is it?’
The ocean?! He hasn’t been decontaminated yet! 

Because through their clear window, they see us walking about and at places where the tank is placed at the verandah, they can easily see people coming and going through the gate, proving people are at liberty to extend their boundaries.

You gotta be kidding me

Or do they assume their lives are only confined to their tank as opposed to sea fish, whom they have no idea exist, and that human beings are the ones with all the space in the world? And if they do, do they ever consider walking themselves? Is that why when there is no hood on the tank, they jump out?

Or do they jump out accidentally and panic because of leaving the safety of the tank, lack of water a mortal danger aside?

Do they see the tank as God or as their prison?

Maybe fishes only with an ocean view from their suite attempt to break free.

Now what?



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  1. You have observed it so well from their perspective something so many of us fail to see as we live in our glass tinted world. Our lives are like the fish in the bowl but they swim. Makes me wonder whether we really swim to growth!

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    1. Thank you, Vishal. And you’re right. Whether we swim to growth has always been a huge question while we’re in our own fish tanks.

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  2. Good observation!! And nicely penned down

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    1. Thank you so much, Gouri

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  3. Oh girl, this is so relatable. You know, I have the same kind of thing written in my diary.
    I have always loved fish but this thought always strikes me too, if how does fish survive in that tank caged. And that’s the only reason, I have never bought any aquarium for myself, because I am unable to see them that way. 😦

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    1. It’s lovely to know we have similar thoughts, Shreya ❤ Accompanied with the thought of caging the fish like that, there's also the matter of getting too attached with them that when they reach the end of their lives, our hearts shatter. I once had a pet fish whom I named Dory, since it was a lovely blue, and she lived on the desk I write, so both of us have been together a lot. The day I lost her, I was so crushed 😦

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      1. I understand yes it hurts a lot. Once in school days , I got to my aunt’s place and she had an aquarium, I got attached. The next time I went there, an orange fish was dead. It hurt. Also, I lost my pet dog, Cherry. 😦

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        1. Yeah, it really hurts, Shreya. I’m sorry about Cherry, that would have been even harder 😦 I once had a pet chicken back in my tween years and cried when I lost it 😦

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