Prehistoric Park

For all you dinosaur lovers out there, if you haven’t watched this fantastic British TV Series, then you’re really missing it, trust me.

Prehistoric Park features Nigel Marven, one of the excellent zoologists to exist, where he goes back millions and millions of years ago to the times when dinosaurs, woolly mammoths and giant insects ruled the planet. While he’s off battling the dangers of those ancient forests and creatures and facing every challenge they put him through, the team at Prehistoric Park – including the kind head keeper Bob and compassionate head vet Suzanne – face incredible challenges of their own.

It’s not wise to think throwing creatures from prehistory into the modern 21 century will be a cakewalk. Especially not when you have two cannibalistic T-Rexes looking to rip each others’ throats out, a poor ice age Woolly Mammoth suffering from the tropical climate and a herd of troublesome Titanosaurs enjoying to trample on anything they come across, including their enclosure fences, and not to mention a gigantic Deinosuchus (a crocodile the size of a bus) that projects out of the water to catch prey at the slightest vibration.

Here’s the list of stuff that you can expect from Prehistoric Park:

1. Excellent screenplay.

2. Thrilling scenes to keep you on the edge of your seat.

3. Very well explained documentaries of the prehistoric creatures.

4. Award-winning music.

5.  Feel like being right there with Nigel and going through every single difficulty, that you constantly route for him as well as pray he gets back safely to the park.

6. A great narrator with an entertaining sense of humour.

My brother and I have watched Prehistoric Park for God knows how many times ever since we were kids. It’s one of the best documentary series of the creatures that once ruled the Earth.

Below is one of the episode openings, the first one – T-Rex Returns



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