Smart Phones Are The Smartest Monsters

Every time I see a child handling (as well as demanding) a smart phone, I get more and more anxious of what the future is in for. The craze and addiction with that inhuman device of the present day already shakes the earth and I don’t want to imagine how these kids’ attitudes and behaviour will be once they reach their teens.

They’re fully qualified at a very young age to operate the YouTube app, get into the Whatsapp and Facebook app and God-Knows-What-Else app, along with discovering whatever password the parent locks the phone with.

It’s frightening, people, frightening.

One wrong tap of the finger on that touch screen has a high probability of scarring that child for life.

In truth, I don’t know much about parenting but I do know that the devil device with the sleek touch is not an amusing toy for a kid. The Toy Store businesses are seriously going to have a run for their money and that is not a comforting thought.

To calm a child down, the smart phone is thrust in front of its eyes.

To get a child to eat, the smart phone is thrust in front of its eyes.

To get a child to stop nagging the parent, said parent thrusts their smart phone in front of its eyes.

The poor innocent child is deliberately made to fraternise with something inhuman and forced to forget about the humans around it.

How many of you agree?


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  1. Agree Deepika. Many parents find it an easy way to pacify their naughty ones. Then the same parents complain that their now grown up kid is a smart phone addict !

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    1. Yes, Radhika, it’s very appalling. What’s even worse is that they know it will result in consequences, and yet, to relieve themselves of trouble, they still do it!

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  2. Exactly!!!! bae i agree with you. Nowadays 99.99% of the kids were addicted in smart phones. They entered into everything.moreover, they unlocked many apps and started installing there what they want. Initial mistakes were arise from parents only because they only giving the mobile phonesto the kids for compensating the other works in their homes.So, today’s scenario all the kids were simply sitting in their sofas and always watching their mobile phones and playing games in it. It will totally destroy physically and mentally the childrens health particulary it will affect their eyes, so parents itself spoiling their childrens life.

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    1. Well said, dear, well said!! 👌👌 Every single word is true!


  3. Agree, totally. It is the parents to blame, to introduce them to the mobiles in the first place. Another gadget, which I find kids addicted to is the idiot box. Children are made to sit in front of the television while having food, and later the parents complain, the child’s addicted to TV. How do I get him off?

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    1. Yes, Deepika, almost every single gadget of today’s technological world is a smart predator for children. Kids are not machines for us to change switches according to how we want them to behave, are they?

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      1. Surely not.. sad plight of today’s children 😦

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