You’re My Favourite Deputy

I had a couple of major Toy Story addiction days recently. Nostalgia and childhood overcame me like a tide and I was binge watching the trilogy, choosing all my favourite scenes and replaying them over and over.

God bless Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and the rest of the Toy Story cast and crew for giving us a beautiful childhood with Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Slinky Dog, Potato Head, Rex, Hamn, Jessie, Bo Peep, Bullseye and all the toys in Andy’s room, as well as the sweetheart himself.

These movies will never be tired of and will retain their glory with all the future generations to come.

You’re my favourite deputy

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  1. Hii sweetie, yes sweetie it is such a lovely movie this one wonderful story with the amazing and excellent AnImAtIon. Hatsoff to Disney pictures. Incredible to think about this kind of stories. Especially the cowboy doll looking soo pretty. The Genres of the story with full of essence of ADVENTURE, ANIMATION, COMEDY, FAMILY AND FANTASY….

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    1. Hey!! ❤ Yes, darling, Toy Story is really such a wonderful movie. You'll love part two and three too!! ❤ What a creative and clever imagination Disney Pixar has to give us all this priceless movie ❤ Woody is a legend ❤


  2. Prajakta says:

    I need to revisit Toy Story! 🙂 You have a wonderful blog here – I missed your comment on my blog months back.. But well, here I am 🙂 Catching up on what I missed.

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    1. Hi, Prajakta! Welcome to my blog 🙂 Thank you so much, it’s so wonderful to see a fellow Toy Story fan! 😀 Haha, that’s okay, better late than never 😀


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