Author Fun Facts

Some quirks of an author and why they do what they do:

  • When she cuts herself off from the rest of the human world, it’s not like she’s avoiding people. She’s making friends with new people. Said new people exist only in her head, but hey, she’s not insane in a way you have to worry.
  • She has a tendency to skip meals as well as physical exercise, but excepting laziness from the reason, it’s really because she can’t leave characters alone, whether it’s from her own novel or from the one she’s reading.
  • When ‘What?’ is responded in a ‘Leave me alone!’ tone, it’s not because she’s angry at you, but because she’s in the middle of writing a scene and the interruption can bring Medusa out of her.
  • When she looks like she climbed out of brambles but is damn happy about it, she has either successfully finished the novel or finished a particularly important sequence.
  • If she starts staring around at people and you find it weird, don’t. She’s only looking for interesting personality traits to base a character on.
  • When she doesn’t call you regularly, it’s not like she has no interest to talk to you, but because her focal aim is to complete the project at hand and no other thoughts filter through her mind at all.
  • If she’s cranky, it’s because some characters are misbehaving or she’s going through writer’s block or she can’t read a book she has been wanting to for so long.
  • When she suddenly drifts off into space while in the middle of a conversation, it’s not like she wasn’t listening, but because her story is involuntarily revolving in the back of her mind and if a new interesting idea strikes her, she may jump off her seat in between to scrawl something in her notebook.
  • She may have temporarily developed an ignorance to physical beauty, but it’s not because she doesn’t love herself. It’s because she doesn’t care about anything except her characters and their progress in the story.
  • Her desk is cluttered with pens, notebooks, her laptop, books, a mini music system, and other notebooks where she sketches her plot out.
  • She’d rather stay indoors with a book or her story instead of partying out like so many of her other friends. Most authors don’t have bright social lives at all. And very proud of it.
  • She loves her blog so much that when she feels there’s been a gap between posting, she’d strike up any welcoming idea to do so by pressing pause on her story word document for a while.

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  1. Aw, I love it! And the most recently noticed fact is this stupid gap between my novel and my blog! I hate myself for ignoring my blog and love myself for progress on my novel, and am stuck in limbo! 😦

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    1. Ah, don’t worry about this limbo, it happens to me sometimes too! As long as you’re dedicated to something you love, whether it’s your novel or blog, we’re very good girls as writers 😀 So keep rocking!!

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