The kind of phases I’m going to target with this post is not the usual one you’d expect. Like, childhood or adolescence or adult hood or whatever the general quotient concerned with phases are. I’m taking on slightly different phases we go through for a certain period of weeks, or days or even months. These are all part of external sources, and not the internal hormonal workings of attitude changes or mood swings.

Theses external sources exist there and grab your attention whenever you choose to do so. Our minds are not equipped to absorbing them all at the same time, since we are unaware of a lot of them even being there, and ones that do seize our interest, club together and they form the phase. Since I’m definitely confusing you, let’s dive right to the examples of the sources for better understanding.






A TV Show.

A holiday tour.

I’ve given you only a few examples, since these are the ones I’m mostly familiar with during my phases.

So it goes like this. Say, you’re reading a book. Right now, the one I’m reading is Wuthering Heights, which I began for the second time yesterday evening, but that’s not the only activity of this phase. Last night, I listened to Rihanna’s ‘This Is What You Came For’ for the very first time and it has been on repeat since. I’m also getting ready to celebrate Diwali with my family and relatives. As of now, there are only three sources to this phase. These three have amalgamated together and they exist as a single unit. But this unit is capable of expanding to accommodate more sources, since the main source is Wuthering Heights, so basically whatever else I enjoy during my experience of reading the book will hook onto it and will constitute the full phase. As a result, when I will remember my experience of reading Wuthering Heights after a month or so, the song, my excitement for the light festival, and the other things that attract me will add onto my memory. See what I mean?

Let me give you another example. This phase is very memorable, and it happened three years ago. I was in the final year of college, the semester was one and a half months through, and that was when Star Plus aired Mahabharat and me and my friends began watching it ardently. Soon enough, Vijay TV dubbed it into our mother tongue and every single day, we’d begin our talks with discussing what happened and gushing over the incredibly attractive male actors portraying the renowned characters. Mahabharat was the main source, and the ones that added onto it was my passionate watching of Life OK’s Mahadev (the dubbed Vijay TV episodes were available online for me), the release of a beautiful movie called Raja Rani and the soundtrack being on repeat every day, my excessive fanfiction reading, and my regular visits to our house in my hometown. Mahabharat supplied an excellent flavour to the phase as well as the increase of extra sources. I began writing the first instalment of my fantasy saga, The Dawn of the Blue (which got published recently. You can check it out here) at the beginning of 2014, my debut novel, Dance Dream, was launched in my college and then as I completed my final semester exams, Whatsapp began hyping on our phones and we were always messing around on it. So until Mahabharat came to an end (The show and the other sources created such a wonderful atmosphere in the house we lived in during it. As we have moved to another house, I miss that one so much), these various sources tagged onto my experience of viewing it so when I recall it now, these memories and the way I enjoyed them come to my mind too.

So have you ever had memorable phases? Feel free to share you experiences in the comment section.

I don’t think I’ll post again before Diwali, so advance Diwali wishes to everyone, dear friends and readers. May the festival bring in immense blessings, unite yourself with your loved ones for a colourful celebration and brighten your life. Stay safe while firing crackers, eat all the delicious sweets and meals and have a blast! Happy Diwali!

Jai Shree Krishna.








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