Dream Diary

I hate sleeping, because it’s a sign I have to stop writing for the day, but at the same time, I love it.

Sleep is actually one of the blessed abilities the Lord has bestowed us with. I really love that I’m human, that I can go to sleep, that I can dream, that I can wake up in the morning with a fuzzy brain and think back to the dream I had. Not everyone dreams every single night, it’s true, but being an author with a freakishly active brain that is prone to go into her fantasy world in the middle of a conversation, I guess it’s no surprise when I say I have a personal movie theatre installed in my head as soon as I close my eyes every night.

No one can really find out exactly which second their mind shuts off from consciousness. It’s like you’re lying on your bed, thinking about your day, being so happy with how you spent it, or being disturbed about a bad incident, or you will be thinking about the excellent movie you saw, or the delicious dish you made, or blushing into your pillow over the irresistible male lead starring in the book you finished reading, or about the future, or about the universe and how it can be your best friend or your worst enemy, or you’ll be just simply chanting prayers to yourself. And somewhere in the middle of all this, there it goes, bam! Your other senses close down on your environment like you’ve been hit with a club. It’s magical how that happens right?

I really don’t know how many times I’ve struggled to think about in which particular minute I fell asleep the previous night.

I was thinking about that and … how in the world did sleep happen?

Quite a few dreams have helped me out with my books, which I’m eternally grateful for. It’s like the dream offers the solution to a loose end for which I’d be pulling my hair out for all day.  But certain dreams make no sense at all, turning me OOC and cause me to scratch my head as soon as I wake up.

But I like writing down the interesting ones into what I call my Dream Diary. I usually don’t use them for my books as they are personal but certain interesting scenes have been thrown into the mix of my characters. Anyway, keeping a Dream Diary is really fun. Have you ever kept a Dream Diary before? I’m pretty sure many won’t entertain the idea, as it’s like displaying our own insanity right before our eyes, but when you read them after a month or so, all you’ll feel like doing is laughing and wishing you’d written more.

We all love finding out new things about ourselves, reading about ourselves, reading about the things we forget the next moment. And all in a personal way. The last thing I’ll do is read my dreams and deep thoughts with another person, let alone show them it. This is all a personal way to entertain yourself, giving yourself an opportunity to look deeper into your mind and heart.

Try keeping a Dream Diary for a week or so and enjoy the feeling.

Stay blessed.

Jai Shree Krishna ❤


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  1. Yes Deepika, I have always pondered over that question , “At which Moment did I fall Asleep”? Its really magical. Our body knows, when it has to rest. When that time comes, “OFF goes the lights” and our Conscious mind sleeps and our Sub-Conscious Mind awakes and takes us into the Dreamworld.

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    1. Hi, Cattie, welcome to my blog 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m so happy to see you relate with everything. It really is magical right? The way consciousness and sub-consciousness revert roles during day and night. Dreams are always a mystery 😀

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  2. jai sri krishna…… brain need some rest as well….. stay blessed…..

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    1. Thank you, Sudhir. Jai Shree Krishna

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  3. kavyajanani says:

    I always have weird dreams, bae! 😀 Just like Bhavana in ‘With love, forever’. Heheee! And I have already said you about the weird dream which I had when I just began my journey to Potter world. Not only Harry Potter, I have peculiar dreams about anything and everything. Mostly I’d dream about airplanes falling down and tsunamis. 😀 😀

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    1. Hahaha, you and I – Bala and Priya too – are a different species of lunatics altogether, Kavi! XD ❤ Nothing can control our endless imaginations 😀 But it's a good thing you know 😉


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