Sleeping Beauty

We all love babies, don’t we?

The toddlers can be a handful but the little infants, especially non-crying ones, are a real joy to hold and you’d always have the urge to lift them and cuddle them close.

I have a newborn cousin brother who’s just four and half months old and he’s a complete angel, curiosity of the world glittering through his huge dark eyes. The lights always capture his attention and contrary to his older brother when he was that young, this little cutie pie appears to be a people person at the first go. I first saw him over two months ago during a temple festival at our hometown, and happily took on the role of babysitting whenever my aunt came over to our great-grandmother’s house, the place we all eat together and mess around every single day of the festival. She’d put him into my eager arms and is free to do what she wants while me and the rest of my cousin sisters surround the little one, cooing and making him giggle.

We also had funny fights over who got to hold him. The kid was spoilt by us never having the heart to put him down or give him back to my aunt when she left to retire for the night. He never cried, except for when he feels stuffy, and all we have to do it sit with him under the fan or if that doesn’t work, juggle him softly in our arms and pace around the room or take him outside. He was very easy to handle and we knew just what to do.

And he falls asleep very easily.

During the temple festival, he was always awake whenever I held him but when another aunt or one of my cousin sisters held him, he usually fell asleep after a while. And when he did that, he took at least an hour. On the first evening, he was gazing at all the colourful lights hanging on the trees and the happily chattering people around him as my cousin sister held him while we sat inside the temple, near the flagstaff while they commenced the beginning of the festival. While the holy preparations were going on, he fell asleep in between and didn’t twitch throughout our noisy chatter or during the loud noises of the fireworks when the festival was commenced. And I was staring at him in adoration, wishing he had been sleeping in my lap. I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to cradle him while sleeping for the rest of the week, but I did get my chance last week when all our relatives gathered for the Ayudha Pooja festival.

He had grown slightly since the last time we saw him and once my aunt and uncle arrived inside the temple, he began to be passed from hand to hand, everyone pampering him with their kisses and hugs. I had my turn of holding him in between and then my cousin sisters had their turns. He giggled more than before as we pulled faces at him and played peek-a-boo. He was such a sweetheart. And then he ended up in my welcoming arms and I was cradling him close while we all chattered. But he started to cry whenever someone touched him after that. Maybe because he was feeling stuffy or maybe he was passed from hand to hand too many times, giving him a body ache, I wasn’t sure, but he clung onto me tightly and cringed whenever someone else attempted to take him. He was eventually exhausted from all the excitement so I held him close and rocked him gently, beginning to pace from one end to the other. He was staring around the lights for a while and I quietly watched the glitter in his big beautiful eyes before his head slowly started to droop onto my shoulder. And when I began patting his back, that was all it took. He fell asleep.

I smiled as his head snuggled towards my neck and loved the feel of his soft baby hair. I didn’t stop patting him nor pacing, because he liked that. My aunt noticed him sleeping and offered to take him but I said it was all right and that I really wanted to hold him. She smiled and watched on with fascination as I made sure he underwent no disturbance, even though my arm was numbing slowly. I loved holding the sleeping baby, for there was something magical about it. Somehow, I felt some of my stress about other matters dissipate, like he was passing his tranquility onto me or something. Whatever it was, it brought me bliss and I loved every single minute of holding the beautifully slumbering little one in my arms.


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