Ethereal: The Dawn of the Blue – Paperback

Hey, everyone 🙂 Yesterday the E-book version of my newly released book, Ethereal – The Dawn of the Blue, was up on Amazon Kindle and today the paperback version of it has been made available online internationally.



Shape-shifting nature wielding unicorns of Saturna live to protect the planet against the wrath of the shape-shifting dragons of Infernorth.

Nashira Jaynes, a girl living with her single mother, encounters a painful night of transformation into one of the unicorns and is channelled to the realm of Saturna by two mysterious girls. New school and friends lighten up her once reclusive personality but at the same time, a threat is at large for the planet as an ancient weapon of the deadly monarch of Infernorth, believed to be disabled, slowly gets activated to consume everything.

With the death of the Unicorn Goddess and the disappearance of the five elemental deities emphasising the danger waiting ahead, Nashira and the unicorns embark on a suicidal quest to get rid of the weapon before it is too late.


Disclaimer: Ethereal contains fictional mythology, which means the Goddess and the other deities I have knotted the story around are entirely imaginative. The residence, place of occupation and the school at which the protagonist and her mother are featured in the English town of Studland, Dorset County, are also fictional as well.


To get your copy from the U.S. store, please click here.

To get your copy from the U.K. store, please click here.

To get your copy from Amazon Kindle, please click here.

Reviews would be most welcomed with an open mind!

Thank you so much for supporting me, guys.

Jai Shree Krishna❤


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  1. I’m super proud of you Deepika!! ❤ Congratulations on your second baby! 😉 I'll be ordering both of your books soon! Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment sweetheart ❤ you definitely earned it and deserve it!! Lots of love to you!!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Jen! Thank you so much, darling! ❤ I'm feeling so happy, there are no words 😀 I'm really looking forward to your review, babe! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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