Best Cover Songs

I love listening to cover songs as much as sinking into the tunes of the original ones. I’m fascinated by the different styles these YouTube artists take up as they merge themselves with the songs. They either sing or they play finger-style guitar and piano. There are many great covers out there, but some are so breath-taking that you’d download them as MP3’s and have them on repeat on your phone. Here are some of the awesome covers I found for some of my favourite songs:

Taylor Swift – Style:

Style is enough to complete my day ❤ But Kait Weston mesmerised me in her own way as well as this slow ballad pianist.

Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do:

When Love Me Like You Do came out, I was incredibly addicted to it – still am – and never even had an inkling to search out covers made for it. But when I did, I discovered this guitarist who stunned me with his melody.

Taylor Swift – Blank Space:

Her sassy comeback to the media who continually trashed her morals is covered here by Tanner Patrick, a handsome singer with an aptitude to rock the entire world with his music.

Titanic Theme:

The unforgettable, emotional, enchanting, profound theme of Titanic doesn’t lose its charm in the hands of Sungha Jung, a sensational guitarist I’m a huge fan of.

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years:

Once again a cover by Sungha Jung. Just look at him melting into the magic of the song.




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  1. Wow I really LOVE this post Deepika!! ❤ Music is soul food and I know you are a huge Taylor Swift fan! ❤ These cover artists are so amazing, I heard them all and they are so unique and also good looking!! 😉 😀 Especially that Tanner Patrick 😉 I can't imagine a world without music, the lyrics and instruments, thank you so much for posting and sharing these creative artists Deepika! 🙂

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    1. I’m so happy you loved all the covers, Jen, they’re absolutely amazing, aren’t they? ❤ Lol, yeah, Tanner's got the looks to turn heads 😉 But I love his voice more. He owns his own album too, out of which one particular song called 'Satellites' was great. You can check it out with the video here:

      You're absolutely right, Jen, we absolutely can't live without music!! It's practically the life and breath of me and writing here 😀

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      1. I love cover songs so much, I have friends who do them too ❤ You should check Pratyusha's site! 🙂 This video "Satellite" by Tanner is great, I would go camping with him 😛 I totally agree with you on the music and writing part here 😀 Hope your week is going well cutie!! 😉 ❤

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        1. Oh, I love Pratyusha’s covers, Jen, she’s excellent!! ❤ I'm a fan of hers 😀 Lol, I can't blame you 😉 Tanner's a sensation throughout YouTube 😀 My week is going amazing, darling, hope you're enjoying yours too ❤

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          1. That’s great you are also a fan of Pratyusha’s ❤ My week has been awesome too honey, enjoy your weekend now! 😉 ❤


  2. Marvellous songs sweetie soooo nice to hear, remarkable music !!!! I know you are a immense fan for this Taylor Swift songs
    I think you sung this beautiful song with your sweet voice at Hotel Annamalai International am i right sweetie?

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    1. Thank you so much, bae! ❤ Haha, yes it was a Taylor Swift song. It was 'Love Story' 😀 ❤


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