A newly wed couple of a typical arranged marriage moves into their new apartment to start their beautiful life together. As the husband rummages through a box to sort out the stuff inside, he comes across something very interesting as well as shocking.

‘Hey, could you come here a second?’ he calls to his better half whom he had fallen in love with at first sight five months ago.

She stumbles in with wires tangled around her. ‘Do you mind if I find my way out of these first?’

Amused at her clumsiness, he nods at a small, battered but carefully taken care of notebook he holds up with one hand. ‘Where’d you get this?’

She goes wide-eyed, tripping over the wires in her haste to knock it out of his hands. ‘No, no, put that back in! Why’d you open that box?’

He whips the notebook out of range as her hand makes a wild swipe and misses. ‘Something in here I shouldn’t know about?’ he teases her.

Blushing bright red, she loses balance and falls into his arms. He straightens her back onto her feet and begins to gently unravel the tangled mess of wires off her. ‘This notebook isn’t technically yours, by the way, is it?’ he smiles.

‘No,’ she answers timidly, though she was surprised he found that out quite quick. ‘But it’s private. Give it back to me.’

‘Can’t I at least know who it belongs to? Because it looks no more than fifteen years and these drawings must have meant something to the owner. No secrets, remember?’

She heaves a sigh. ‘Fine. It belonged to my school crush. He was this cute guy who sat beside me but never looked at me twice. All he did was move away to a lone desk whenever he could and draw, and draw, and draw. Then he took off for God-Knows-Where but I oddly found this treasured notebook of his under my desk after he left. He didn’t even write his name in it. I never saw or heard of him again but since it was his drawings and they were all things I liked too, I couldn’t help but keep it. I didn’t steal it, you know.’

‘Really?’ he eyes her. ‘I had this crush in primary school once. Just like yours, it was my desk partner. She was geeky to everyone else, but to me, she was absolutely beautiful. I never plucked up the courage to talk to her, let alone confess I liked her, so I instead admired her from afar, drew things she liked and gifted it to her without her knowledge, wanting her to have a piece of me after I took off for London.’

She drops the last wire, staring.

‘There’s one last page left,’ he smiles, opening the back cover and smoothing the paper. ‘I’d like to draw you now, the drawing I’ve dreamed of doing back then. Could you make a casual pose on the balcony in the breeze? Your hair’s breath-taking when it gets caught in it.’


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  1. That. Was. Beautiful.


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    1. Holy Krishna, babe ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Wow !!!! Sweetie you lovely expressed about your first crush but you didnt mention your desk partner name….
    The way of expressing your feelings its simply awesome my dear bae

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    1. Hehe, it is not my crush, bae 😉 It is a fictional story ❤ A figment of imagination 😀


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