Signs You’re Addicted to Social Media

With the screens of phones becoming the love of their lives of so many people around us, the world is deplorably going downhill. Gone are the days people loved spending time with their families, gone are the days people loved writing in diaries, gone are the days people took photos on digital cameras, gone are the days spouses knew where their spouses were before fellow users on social media knew it.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, you name it, are teaming up together to destroy everyone. I know they have their advantages and that some people use those sites wisely and in moderation, but three-quarters of users are contaminating their lives as well as others’. It’s completely insane, ludicrous and cruel. Social media has the dangerous trait of poisoning people’ ambitions, preventing them from thinking clearly and instigating outrageous surliness.

In all honesty, I really hate social media. Go ahead and say that as an author I really need to create a domain for myself, make other ways to interact with people, they are huge platforms to publicise your work etc. but I really don’t care. For what it’s worth, if your book is meant to be a best-seller or your work is meant to receive positive responses, God will make it happen through some other means. And frankly, I loathe having to spend time on it when I can read books or watch a movie or help my mother when she needs me.

As far as I can remember, neither JK Rowling nor Taylor Swift knew what an android phone was when Harry Potter became number one bestseller and album Fearless stole hearts all over the world.

Anyway, back to my point. I see certain people living their lives on their phone screens. The incessant number of apps for every single media out there has made it very convenient to spare people the pain of opening a laptop and computer to even check their email.

So are you a social media addict? Do you think your smart phone is more important than your wife, husband, parents, siblings and children? Here are the very notable signs that show you have this disease bad:

  • As soon as the cock crows in your head, you automatically reach for your phone. Not to check the time but to see if people replied to your texts or liked your posts when you fell asleep after three a.m … or was it four a.m? You may have heard the bell of the milkman …
  • As you lie in bed you snap a selfie to put up on your profile with a good morning message. You don’t consider the fact your bleary red eyes and messed hair can really scare other people when they think their day is off to a good start.
  • Eggs for breakfast? You have got to update the fact it’s so delicious. The yolk broke? You won’t be able to live with yourself if you don’t post what it looks like, and vent out your anger as your status.
  • Your Whatsapp profile picture and status changes for every single day.
  • When a selfie you put up on Facebook or Instagram isn’t liked by many people as you had envisioned, you throw a huge tantrum and demand how can people live their lives instead of looking at how good they look? Huh? The injustice of it all!
  • You open your profile or Whatsapp every five minutes to check for notifications or messages.
  • You look upon non-social media users as aliens from another planet.
  • You forget the spelling for so many words in English and don’t know what is grammar and punctuation anymore.
  • When you don’t get an instant reply for your messages, you start fuming and may even send a plethora of messages until they finally find time to come online.
  • Once you’re tired of Whatsapp for a while, you switch to Hike Messenger and the person you were texting on the former appears here too so you can send stickers and photos back and forth and hit the like button.
  • You have no clue what you had for lunch because you were too busy typing on Whatsapp to care whether you’re eating from your own plate or others’.
  • Your parents and other elders are your sworn enemies because they disapprove of you spending so much time on social media. ‘Me –?’ continues typing on the screen ‘– Addicted –?’ still typing ‘– No, Mum, I am not –! OMG, he finally came online!’
  • You take so many selfies because you want to have the perfect look for your next Whatsapp display picture. You want to outdo that bitch because she updated one of hers looking absolutely gorgeous.
  • The last time you had a proper conversation with your parents was like, I don’t know, years ago? You have better business to do, which is to chat all day with your friends and like to disturb them constantly.
  • You have so many groups together consisting of the same members. One’s the entire friend group. Other is for discussing about Saturday Night during which you didn’t invite two of the girls in the main group. Other’s about what an appalling way one of the girls from Saturday Night behaved … there are different varieties.
  • The moment you see a fire accident nearby your house, you don’t bother to call firemen or paramedics because you’re too busy video-taping the flames so that you’re the first person to forward it through Whatsapp. You are such a considerate person to show it to all the people who are safe.
  • Why do people obstruct the camera view with their folding hands while I’m too busy photographing the God or taking a video of the pooja? Am I supposed to pray when I’m in a temple? Wow, I didn’t know that.
  • You’re reading a book? Come on Whatsapp!
  • You’re drawing something? Sheesh, come online, man!
  • You’re writing your book? I’m here waiting for you to reply to the text I sent four hours ago and you have the gall to write?!
  • You guys can go out and spend quality time together, I’ve got a ton of other people to stop from doing the same thing with their parents.

It’s hideous, people.

Stop ruining your lives, stop ruining other people’s lives and stop hurting your family.

Everyone has lives to live so go and get yours.


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  1. Pratyusha says:

    Ha ha nice post. I do have a lot of social apps but don’t get time to use them. Becuz I m busy doing what I m doing 😛 it’s not wrong to have social media apps but knowing when n how n where to use it is a big question. Which people have failed to understand 🙂 nicely written !!!! Bravo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly, dear, we should know the limit and give more importance to all the limitless work sitting on our desks 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s just the perfect telling-off, babe! Those suckers need to know.
    They. Are. Pure. Evil.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, babe! They are the incarnation of evil!!


  3. Imran Ali says:

    You need a sense of humour, or you run the risk of taking everything personal, which is not the way to live happily.


    1. Thanks for reading and for your views, Imran. The addiction to social media isn’t something to be taken lightly, let alone with a sense of humour. We should be aware of where we exercise that, otherwise the joke will end up being nothing but our lives. I have seen families being torn in half because of social media. All the joys of life, relationships (married as well as unmarried), friendships and family time are demolished. Health, physical as well as mental, is spoiled. Only a handful of people out there know the limits and the healthy ways to use these sites. The others are bringing unnecessary stress and depression into their lives and wasting so much of valuable time, which is sad to look at.

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      1. Imran Ali says:

        The earth revolves around the sun and this is a universal truth. This may seriously upset a few people who think it revolves around them 😏


  4. My dear Bestiee this posting was very very important to turn back everyone about what are all the drawbacks in social networking sites. And you told 20-21 points about social media what the people are doing in whatsapp and facebook it was an exactly a true information. While i am reading it was sooo funny especially your second point it make my stomach very painful because i am imagined and laughed out very much. Now-a-days many people become immoral because of this social media they misusing everything and damaging the other lifes. Particularly they harm the females life only. So my dear sweetie you posted this message in a right time!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, dear, people’s minds are getting poisoned and they’re having awful mood swings because of it too. And when they look at other people’s profiles, they suddenly feel like they are doing nothing with their lives and hence feel insecure and jealous, which is completely ridiculous. A lot of misunderstanding arises due to continuous chatting without knowing what kind of tone the other person is using. So many lives are getting destroyed 😦 I’m so glad you related with the post and enjoyed reading it, darling ❤


  5. Ranjini says:

    I think people who are actually bothered about their priorities will have a check on themselves. We are all grown ups and have the power to discriminate good from bad. It is the children we need to be bothered about. Giving phones and tabs to them at young age ruins them and then in some cases, there is nothing we can do.

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    1. Exactly, Ranjini, the intelligent ones and people who know what is right and what is wrong will know the limitations, the necessity and time planning required to spend time on social media. Because we can’t say it’s a complete hindrance, there are so many good things too. As you rightly pointed out, the major victims are the ones who have been absorbed into them from a young age and no parent or other adult have done anything to stop it. It’s very appalling to see this generation’s children coveting the devices and getting angry when they don’t have them in their hands.

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