The Truth

Disclaimer: I am not an expert here. These are taken out of my experiences alone. That said, I hope you enjoy the post 😀

At school, there’s always this infamous Queen Bee and nearly all personalities of the rest of the girls are associated with her in some way. Let’s see what they are and the truth hidden behind them.

Queen Bees:

This young lady unofficially establishes herself as a celebrity and prefers it if people were at her beck and call. She struts around the place flaunting just how cool and trendy she can get. This type of girl wonders to herself if she can get any more pretty and relishes in being the first person to pull off an attractive style – hair, make-up, clothes, you name it. You can also see her imitating mannerisms from a glamourous heroine on screen and loves the fact all the other girls look at her like they’ve never seen another girl before. She wants to be in the know of everything, enjoys gossiping, and whether she may or may not show it, she prides in the fact the cutest or hottest guy in the class has a crush on her.

Don’t mistake the fact every single cute or hot guy of the class ogles at her. Because she may not be their type. This enrages her and she ends up chasing after them instead. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across those kind of guys, because all the attractive ones I’ve seen usually like flirting with Miss Bossy or like being around her.

Oh, and she loves it when there’s an avalanche of likes on the selfies of her social media profile.

The truth – Get a life, for God’s sake!


These girls think gluing themselves to the most popular girl of the school is like getting an award. They second all the dumb ideas she comes up with to establish her reign and groom her along the way. This kind of girls even mirror her splendour and before you know it, you have quadruples of the same irritating personality. They absolutely glorify themselves when they get equal attention as the popular girl while walking through the corridors.

The truth – They don’t really like her but her status alone.

In this case I feel so sorry for the Queen.

Popular Role-Models:

We shouldn’t always stereotype an admired and well-known girl as this bitch with no brain, because in this category, you have extremely sweet and amicable personalities. That’s why they’re popular. Courtesy of their warm attitude, helpfulness, intelligence and the beauty that shines from within. One good example of this category is the Union President back during college. She knows how to pull off a high ponytail very well and knows just what colour of clothes makes her stand out. Chic, yes, but in reality, the first thing you notice about her is her level-headedness, pretty smile and amazing leadership. I made friends with her during this Journalism Course we attended together and she was like this sister you could chatter away all day to. I loved the number of mutual similarities and she’d always encouraged me.

Anyway, so this kind of girl makes herself a classroom name with the aid of her genial tenderness alone. It’s so easy to fall in love with these girls and when a throng of guys have crushes on them, there’s no way you can blame them for it.

The truth – She can always count on the large number of friends she makes, because they like her for who she is, not because she owns a hot pink handbag or is a swag.

Blind Admirers:

These girls make fans out of themselves for the popular girls, wishing they could be more like them. The term ‘Blind Admirers’ are for the ones who follow the bitches around like puppies, not the ones who look up to the genuine and kind-hearted ones for inspiration.

An awful example of a blind admirer is this lunatic of my class, who forcibly ordered her brother from Dubai to buy and send this posh perfume over, so she could present it to the plastic work of nature on her birthday, a birthday she transformed into a fussy deal in the class. All my friends and I could do was raise our eyebrows to ourselves and wonder what in the world the poor lunatic gained by receiving ignorance in reciprocal.

They like to do absolutely anything to get the popular girl look their way.

The truth – There is something called self-respect.

Serene Warriors:

These young ladies are introverted and extroverted, intelligent, insightful, bookworms, feminists, independent, speak only when needed to, and when they establish a camaraderie with you, it’s authentic.

These girls loathe the empty headed Queen, her minions and while some of them would readily smash her and her minions to pulp if a golden opportunity comes their way, the other members of this class view everything as a live soap opera. The drama going on amuses them as they wonder when the cracks in their heads would get healed, if they ever do.

The truth – Hats off.

Innocent Flowers:

The innocent flowers cannot survive the goose chase without the presence of the serene warriors. They are mostly introverts and can easily get manipulated, for they trust even the Queen easily. They can also be cursed with an unnecessary inferiority complex as a result and as the stress gets to them, the other performances sink. They also get hoodwinked by the fact life is sweet only if you’re pretty, have everything there is to own, and that being the plain way they are can get them nowhere.

The truth – Stop that! There’s a reason why that girl is termed as a Bee, because if she stings you once, that pincer is going to render itself useless to you the next time. You’re the true Queen of yourself, dear, so square your shoulders, pat yourself on the back for being such a good girl, and be yourself.

Lots of love,

Deepika ❤





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  1. theonlysup says:

    Well kind of girl u described and the people around her.. Looks like they scream for attention.. Go check them out ,they turn out to be real dumb in outer world.. Like they live in 10th planet

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, none of the sophistication they display is mirrored on the inside. Welcome to my blog 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. theonlysup says:

        Thanks deeps .. I’m sure I get to read more wonderful posts ..


  2. Mridul bedi says:

    Hahaha so typical 😀 Just so relatable!! LOved it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Mridul, glad you enjoyed the post and could relate with it 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. My dear sweet bae it was sooo applicable and your description was amazing with your surrounded peoples. Especially the title of QUEEN BEES was very honeyed!!!!! .Along with beautiful cover picture. I am totally enjoyed it my dear sweetie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knew you’d love it, darling ❤ So glad you enjoyed the post!


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