Operating Room (A to Z Challenge)

Received this post in my mail. Laughed my head off. Being the proud daughter of an orthopaedic surgeon, I honour this post so much and logged in immediately. Reblogged it. Read it again. Fell in love with it once more and would love to tell Jen she is one amazing nurse whom any patient would be blessed to go to ❤

Dare To Live Courageously...


If you’ve never been wheeled into an Operating room (O.R.) before, consider yourself lucky.  I’m about to give you a humorous tour of an O.R. from my nursing experience memories I had for over 15 years.   Just a heads up, Grey’s Anatomy and ER is fake compared to the real world 😉  Just sayin’

  • The O.R. rooms are freezing cold. Colder than air conditioning because we stand for long hours and the overhead lights send off a lot of heat and we wear gortex gowns.  We don’t want to faint during your surgery
  • Nurses give warm blankets to patients immediately when they arrive into the O.R. because of this cold temperature. Blankets are kept in a warming cupboard and we joke that we baked them because they’re so toasty and warm.  Patients laugh only because they are nervous
  • Helpful skill for an O.R. nurse is how to be a…

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  1. Thank you so much for the reblog Deepika!!! ❤ You are so sweet and I'm really happy it made you laugh! It's so nice to know you are a daughter of an orthopaedic surgeon!! 😀 That service is so fun. I hope you get my comment 😛

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  2. aruna3 says:

    good experience.n jenifer is my beloved friend parhaps we both have never meet.she is with u.dis is a luckiest thing for u.

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    1. Yes, Aruna, she is a beloved friend of mine too ❤ This is the first time I am meeting you too, very nice to meet you, dear 🙂 Stay blessed ❤


      1. aruna3 says:

        yeah.i have not seen her bt by blog n her cute face seems as my closed friend.

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  3. Pratyusha says:

    That’s Jen’s article 🙂

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