The Organ That Needs Mercy

Hello there, reader. Hope you are well. You may not believe the life who is talking to you but I guess I should introduce myself. I live in the abdomen, as a little muscular bag and I receive the eateries you people intake everyday. That’s right, I’m the Stomach. It isn’t easy being me. Now, I hoped that you’re well because I surely am not. Working every single minute, contracting and relaxing, is not a picnic. You guys may rest when you’re tired but taking a time out and me never come in the same sentence.

Whatever you eat, I receive it. I take them in, even if it is poison, and digest it. And by poison, I don’t mean the liquid in those weird bottles but food itself … what do you call them? Wait, I’ll recall the memory from the voice box which speaks those names. Oh yes – refined flour recipes drenched in saturated oil, French fries, Samosas, fried chicken from fast food centres, vadas, fried snacks and bakery items like puffs, cakes, muffins etc. Where do you even buy and eat them? Need I remind you of those those fat rich foods like ice cream, chocolates, puddings etc. Poor Liver has been crying to me every night. The Kidney, Pancreas and my close friends – the Intestines – join him too. I’d like to point out there are some limits to bearing people wailing to you all the time. I don’t have much patience as the Heart. I’d love to go deaf, you see. Ironically, Mr Ears has escaped from all of this havoc. The Tongue is to blame for all of this. Just because he likes it, he dumps everything on me. Silly organ. If he can contain himself, it would save the poor human the trouble.

Okay, back onto the tyrants who sport fake IDs as food. I don’t know the names of the ingredients they possess. Once they fall into me, my acids act on them and start digesting them. The Small Intestine receives the thick soup I make and he absorbs the necessary nutrients our human needs. But the thing is, he starts sobbing at that time.

‘Now what?’ I ask.

‘What am I supposed to absorb from this?’ he yells.

Then I know that all of it are empty calories. Because I have so much difficulty in digesting them. Empty calories are nothing but calories that are of no use to the body. My comrade in arms, Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid, puts the best use of his ability into use but if the food is full of fat and spice, he gets angry. Even though he has 92% concentration, his power is not enough to break down everything. That hits his ego and he puts a hole through me. It hurts, you know. This in turn affects no one but the human, who feels the pain I do and he cries too. The Liver’s Bile cannot digest all of the fat without any trace. We have our own limits and if the poison outnumbers it, danger is right around the corner for the human. And I don’t even know the names of the poison! Someone should tie up the naughty Tongue when the Eyes see those fried, spicy and fat rich foods.

I have my own hunger as well, but it is not these foods I crave for. I want fruits, vegetables, whole cereals, nature pulses, flesh foods prepared at home and plenty of water. I am the major root of the human’s health. I distribute all the nutrients for everyone – the Kidneys, the Heart, the Liver, the Brain, the Reproductive System, the Skin, the Eyes and the Hair. Just because I’m affected, my human is affected by strange disorders. So much of fat gets laden around me, and that leads to his abnormal figure. Fat clouds poor Heart and he causes heart attacks, which may lead to killing all of us. These foreign things disturb the Kidney and he has his failures, which may cause my human to stop eating completely and live on fluids. What kind of a life is that?

Humans swallow those little colourful boxes for curing their disorders. Oh yes, they are called ‘tablets’. I digest them too and distribute it to the needed organ but ew! Listen, I may not know what it’s like to be Mr Fist, but all I know is that these boxes make me want to deck my human. This is unnecessary! If you guys eat healthy food and work out regularly, why do you need to have the trouble of swallowing this bitterness and punish me in the process?

Speaking of healthy food, I wish that you prevent heavy meals before you sleep. I have to work so hard at night. And since you’re in a horizontal position instead of vertical, my burden increases and the food goes back into the Oesophagus – the food pipe. Since he won’t like me sending food back up, he either throws it out of the human’s mouth or opens up the wind pipe flap and dumps it into poor Lungs instead. And he’ll lose his temper, yelling, ‘Are you the stomach or me?!’ which causes him to cause more problems to the individual.

And the wailing from all sides start. Seriously, people, can you please let me do my work in peace while you’re asleep at least? If I do, then all others will shut up with the crying and will keep you happy. We can all join as one and keep you healthy and active to do what you want. Will you please eat healthy foods?

While I do my work, I listen to your conversations too. You talk to your family members, about the money you’ve earned, how much you’ve saved in your bank and about the positive balance but have you ever thought that I have a negative balance? I require the exact same privilege you shower upon materialistic desires. Money will of course help you, but your health is more important than that. When you’re in any critical situation, I’m the first person to lend you a hand. Plus, if you’re not fit enough, how do you expect yourself to work properly and earn more money? You think we’re robots to do as you please? You think we’re magicians to get rid off dangerous fat and alarming calories and digest whatever crap you ingest? Hey, if you’re not going to take care of the precious gift – your body – you’ve been born with, how in the world are you going to take care of other people and the rest of your life? How else will you enjoy your hard earned profits without a body that is healthy to jump up to action any time?

They are called ‘Junk Foods’ for a reason. Because they drop all junk into your life and, well, let’s just say junkyards are hell.

Is it too much to ask for a balanced diet with necessary carbohydrates, normal fat, adequate protein, good amount of fibre and sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals? Can you please be my genie and grant me this one wish instead of three?

I promise to keep you joyous for the rest of your life if you eat healthy food. And if you do that, I will be satisfied you love me and my love for you will increase. Please, my human, reduce those fatty and spicy foods and offer peace to the rest of the organs. I really can’t bear the crying.


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  1. Jackie Jain says:

    Wow. . Deepika. . This is superb and quite informative too at the same time. This is reality, we eat all the food which is of no use for our body, like junk food, fat containing food, fried and spicy food, even though our stomach (the poor organ) tries its best, it cannot bring any good out of them. The way you gave life to all the organs is so creative. Your message is passed to my stomach but my tongue is not satisfied, it is asking for pizza tomorrow. . Haha. . I think tongue prefers taste rather than healthy food. . But I will tie my tongue as long as possible while eating such dangerous items after I have read this. .

    Thanks! Beautiful post. Keep going. Have a good time. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jackie, for liking the post and relating with it 😀 Yes, we all need to police our tongues in order to have a healthy life 🙂 Desire for fast food is natural, but you make sure to eat a lot of fruits and do workouts to wash it all down 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jackie Jain says:

        It’s my pleasure.. And yes, very true. We have to control our tongue and consume more fruits.. Thanks for the information..

        Have a good time.. 🙂


  2. Deepika- you outdid yourself with this post. It’s informative with a twist of humor. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, dear 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Deepika you are such an entertaining writer with amazing talent! 😀 I loved the analogy you gave using the organs in our body mixed with your humor it was really great. I miss seeing you, hope things are going well for you now. Thanks for posting such great information, I’ll remember what you said 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, dear! ❤ Yes, we should take good care of our wonderful stomach. It is our best friend, right?

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      1. Absolutely darling! ❤ If my stomach is in pain I can't do anything so I have to keep it happy 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Aruna 🙂


      1. aruna3 says:

        welcome deár.

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