My New Queen: Nora Roberts


This talented romantic lady now owns a pedestal in my heart. I didn’t know she existed, up until three months ago when I received four document files in my google inbox, all part of a single love saga called the MacKade Brothers – namely, Rafe, Jared, Devin and Shane. This review is targeted at the third instalment.

The Heart of Devin MacKade bloomed to becoming my most favourite instalment of the MacKade brothers. I’m someone who cringes at the very word of ghost and didn’t expect paranormal activity to be surplus in this romantic series my bestie recommended. But in Rafe, on encountering the scene Regan undergoes a spooky episode at the Barlow place, I almost stopped reading from fear but on my bestie’s reassurance nothing in here was related to horror, I pressed on.

And slaphappy about the ordeal. It’s not everyday I get my hands on an outstanding series. Nora Roberts is a goddess with her pen. To write a book of any genre, as an author myself, requires apt insight into the category and excellent command over language. Each sentence was like a drug to me. All I had running through my mind was ‘How can someone write love stories this perfect?’ It’s a gift, born with her. She had me roped in with the prologue of Rafe’s story itself and the hook promised me a fantastic experience with these devilishly handsome insane morons – If you are well aware of how they love damaging each others’ anatomy when they want to let out all that adrenaline, I dare you to disagree with me calling them insane morons 😛

In an affectionate way, of course.

Just like Devin MacKade, the hook’s promise meant what it said and kept its word.

Coming to Devin, I’d already been fed with his charm and irresistibility, courtesy of my bestie’s gushing that the very thought of him makes her blush 😉 so I had my eyes out for this Adonis as I began reading book one. Of course, Rafe successfully got me jelloid (as did the other two) ❤ but the chemistry brewing between Devin and Cassie in the Sherriff’s office diluted my concentrated attention on Rafe. It’s not as if I was stereotyped just because my bestie sung his praises, but the fact he really did have that magnetic aura to pull me in. I kept a close eye on him throughout Rafe and Jared, noticing how deeply he cared about Cassie, Connor and Emma. I almost stopped reading Jared to get to him, but as they say, patience is bigger than the ocean and I got my wait’s worth when I read him at last 😀 Now, I don’t have a thing for cops – I have no idea why – but if there is a police I grew to love, it’s Devin MacKade. A strong, alpha male in the small town of Antietam, amalgamated with a compassionate, charming and gentle – deliciously wild if pushed far enough 😉 – attitude pines for probably the most delicate creature to exist. Cassie’s struggles with her abusive partner burned my heart and to see how Devin was so patient, careful and amiable with her made this story an attractive piece of romance. You read them once, and you come back for more.

The story’s setting is ethereal, the paranormal activity is mind-blowing plus heart-wrenching, the male protagonists are irresistible and awesome, the heroines are brave, strong women – what more does a reader need? I’ve seen some reviews where people said Joe Dolin wasn’t a good villain and that he didn’t cause much damage, but come on, people. This isn’t a story where violence is given the VIP pass. It’s fully based on love, soul-mates and character building. Havoc and bedlam from a freaky psycho who should have been left to wander around with no arms would have tampered with the reader’s emotional ride. Because you fall so much in love with the hero and heroine in each book, so focused on the beautiful romance they have together, that the interference of a blood mass would doused the flames mercilessly 😀 My views.

I loved the brothers, loved their better halves, loved the ghosts and loved the town. And I loved the mellifluous pace of each book. You really can’t get enough of the MacKades, their hilarious interactions, eye-rolling punch fests and sizzling courting of their objects of affection. Nor can you get enough of the fantastic heroines. Each woman was beautiful (both inside and out), courageous and sassy.

And that’s not all. You have cuteness incarnated by Bryan, Connor and Emma. As this is Devin’s story, I’ll be subjective to Cassie’s kids. Emma MacKade is the next sweetest thing after her mother. She had that innocence upon her that ignited whatever maternal instincts I have in me, that all I wanted to do was to reach into the pages, draw her out and cuddle her close. Her older brother Connor impressed me incredibly in the scenes he turns protective of Cassie and doesn’t think twice about dissing Devin.

The extra appeal in Devin’s story was his interaction with the kids. Sure, he was passionate about his niece and nephews but with Connor and Emma, it was different. While Emma was this cute little baby girl in worship of Devin, always ready to cuddle with him and heart-wrenchingly ingenuous to comment she’ll marry him because she loves him, Connor was like a champion sizing Devin up. The pair had their own tight spots and I loved how Devin had to pass that barrier of distrust and win the little boy’s need to finally accept him as a father.

The climax in the woods was sketched and wrapped up very well. Joe got the end he deserved and Devin expressed the rage he had been taming for so long. I felt extremely exhilarated with the way things ended.

This was an exquisite read and I’ll recommend it to anyone who needs a good dose of glamour and pure, unadulterated love. This is one of the best romance sagas I’ve come across. Really, really enjoyed travelling with Rafe, Jared, Devin and Shane.

Hats off, Nora!

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  1. Hemangini says:

    wow sounds like a good novel.. I never read Nora Roberts.. Don’t like romance stories like this. But your review is quite inviting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deepika Kumaaraguru says:

      Oh, you’ll love this one, Hema 🙂 All four books are really good. Try them out 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It is so good to have you back to Blogosphere Deeps!!! Missed you immensely….And LOVED the review!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Deepika Kumaaraguru says:

      Sri Diii ❤ My beautiful Sunny Dear ❤ Thank you so much for your love, hon. Have you read the MacKades before, by the way? 😍


  3. NJ says:

    Now girl this so unfair 😉 you wrote about Devin but not about Rafe 😦 that’s so bad 😦 It was him who actually pulled us in the series 😉 Ok Devin needs a post for his heart 😉 but romance buddy not one can do it in Rafe’s way 😛 remember how in every part of the series it was mentioned ..the way Rafe use to look at Regan 😉 But still A big hug ❤ for passing this series to me 😉 I will be waiting for the next one 😛
    And everyone reading this review grab this one 😉 it is worth reading 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! 😀 This review was penned four months ago, actually, Di 😉 I posted it on Goodreads 😀 That was a time Devin surpassed Rafe a little in my heart 😀 As mentioned above, my bestie couldn’t stop gushing over him and I got turned on by that 😀 Only a while later, after reading the series again, Rafe took his position back as first place and Devin moved to the second 😀 You know my list 😉 It’s always Rafe now!! ❤ 😍😍💋💋 *pacifies jealousy over Regan* 😀 Since we're partners in the MacKade Club, do the review for Rafe 😉 😛 Come on, sister! 😍 I would love to see it out plain and clear 😉 😛


  4. Hahahahaha! You, and your worship of Rafe!
    I’m gonna be the Shrine-Builder to Devin MacKade whatever you say, Ishu!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha!! Hey, note that Rafe AND Devin are my major crushes, you 😉 😛 On that note, I’m shameless XD They’ll always be gone nuts over by us! ❤


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