The Stunts Time Pulls



It vanishes quicker than you can say, ‘Where did you go?’

One moment, you have this endless availability of a period for you to accomplish a goal and next, it gets over. And you wouldn’t have been able to finish off what you had in mind. If time had a heart, I think a lot of people would have had their entire lives changed. A lone guy waits everyday beside the pier for his long gone love to return and embrace him. But there is no one, especially time, to wait on him, and he tearfully moves on. A girl has a fight with her friend and after typing a long text of apology to make amends, she waits for the reply, but doesn’t get any. It’s the final year of school and in the end, time swallows all opportunities and the two souls never get back together after graduation. A fiercely determined author works everyday on her dream novel but time doesn’t wait for completion and before she knows it, she’s engaged to marriage and is forced to put off the rest of the story until she got commitment in order. Or take this incident from the movie Three Idiots, where a student hangs himself out of defeat when he loses time to accomplish the final result of his passionate experiment as well as comply with the demands of the academic assignment.

Lucky for time it doesn’t have a corporeal form.

Otherwise, it would have been shredded to pieces by every single dreamer existing on Planet Earth.


I’m one of those dreamers. There hasn’t been a day I don’t wish for time to freeze so I can retain my age to fulfil my desires and then allow it to restart when I’m ready for the next phase in my life, a phase everyone I run into is pestering me to enter. It’s not like I hate that phase. It’s just that I’m not quite ready to split my attention to two different worlds right now. How can a girl like me have one eye on reality and normal people and have another eye on fantasy and fictional people? Especially when I’m more attached to the latter? This could end in disaster.

Time here thinks it’s funny to butt in and ruin all the plans I’ve sketched out in my cerebrum.


And the anticipation is playing with my otherwise calm and composed nature. I’m finding myself housing worry, anxiety and fear rolled into one recently. It’s scaring the living daylights out of me. I’m not open about it, except to this page of refuge, but I do wish things don’t blow up in smoke and prove whatever I’ve been strategising has been a joke all along. There is justice to both sides of the argument and I don’t intend to find any faults with the side I’m least passionate about for the moment. I know as soon as I’m done with my short term goal I’ll grow to love the next step immensely but if things moved too fast for my liking and put me in the middle of a room full of people where no one can hear me scream, nothing good’s going to come out of both sides.


Time is mean.

I mean, I can call it cannibalistic too. I’m like, ‘Oh, I have time for this!’ but then the next situation’s like, ‘Damn, time swallowed itself up!’

But why do we get obnoxious thoughts like this, really?

Why do we encompass a bad attitude towards one of the elements of nature when we can’t get what we want?


Because let’s face it, we’re always on thin ice with the clock. Think of a situation wherein you’re sitting with the love of your life at a restaurant. We wish time moves slowly, as with most circumstances, but when you’re sitting in the middle of a history class and trying to take a leaf out of Tom the cat’s book by sellotaping your eyelids to your head to keep them open, your conscience whinges about why the clock’s a dreadful slowcoach. Maybe that’s why God didn’t put a heart in time or made it materialistic. We homo sapiens are insufferable demanders and even if we hammered on the alarm clock to make it shut up, it still won’t change the fact we’re due in work in another two hours.




It’s incredibly annoying to see some people partying around without a care in the world, taking selfies (not for their happiness but for a Whatsapp profile picture), updating their statuses (not for their venting but to seek attention) and burying their noses into their phones to text while a civilised conversation is taking place between the people sitting around them. Don’t these people have any other work to do instead of obsessing over whether a picture they upload on a social media is getting likes or flattering comments?


Me and a close friend of mine were talking about this just last week. She’s caught up in projects at IBM and I’m caught up in my books. So we rarely get time to have a nice long talk and when we do, the origin of the universe is the only exception to our tongues. We were talking about books and reading when she wailed even though she has a whole collection of awesome pdfs waiting for her on her desktop, she’s not able to squeeze them into her tight schedule. The talk geared towards our lack in planning actually. Maybe we were foolish to not be able to fit in reading and pampering ourselves. We’re girls and naturally, we’d absolutely love to hit the hair saloon and get bangs (which is one of my dearest desires, but for some reason, Mum thinks I have a problem) Perhaps time isn’t the culprit and we are, because we’re too fanatical about our jobs? And we were shocked over how the rest of the girls are always seen with their phones. How do they even do that? How do they have the TIME? Because they’re all either pursuing higher studies or going for jobs, and yet, you see them uploading pics of how they had an awesome time at Phoenix Mall or friends party or whatever.

But I also realised I do this deliberately too, restricting myself of fun and pampering until I got my work done. Because whenever I decide ‘Okay, I’ll give the laptop a rest and won’t even think about the next scene in the book tomorrow. I’ll laze around and maybe give myself a facial.’

But no.

I feel like betraying myself if I do that.

So maybe time’s not the culprit at all.

It’s our own delusion of perception. We want to let loose of ourselves but don’t allow ourselves too. We all need to chill out for bit and take a breather. We just need to prepare a full agenda of how to act and if something wedges itself without any welcome from our side, we should learn to accept it and have a backup plan of how to deal with it. That’s the simple formula of life, really. We can’t shoulder the blame on time. It’s our attitude.

(Time: Took you long enough to realise, critter! 😛 )

Let’s live life with no stress and accept things as they come with the flow 🙂

On that note, let’s take a well deserved nap.


And then wake up with a fresh outlook on our lives ❤


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  1. Time is a bitch or may be we’re slack 😀 Nimi said about your book 😉 Can you share the link of your book so that I can buy & read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deepika Kumaaraguru says:

      Hi, Darshith, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Glad you liked the post. You want to read my book? 😉 It’s a teen fiction I wrote back when I was seventeen, titled Dance Dream. Sadly, it’s not available on Amazon 😦 But if you don’t mind, I can give you the mail id of my publisher. You can order it directly from him. Here’s the mail id:

      His name is Mr Vetrikarthick and he is based on World Book Publishers from Madurai 🙂

      If there is any delay in delivery, please tell me 🙂

      Warm regards. Take care.


  2. That’s me!!! I’m always the last one to get into your blog and read stuff in which I’ve been mentioned as well. 😐
    But I know you’ll forgive my lapse! Love the post, Darling! :*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, no problem, darling ❤ These posts will be available anywhere anytime for you to read 😉 And you know you never have to owe any kind of apology to me *angry face*


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